Team Sonic Achievement in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • Team Sonic



    Finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with local friends in a 10 player Race

  • How to unlock Team Sonic

    Will need 4 pads and 2 boosting partners. You can find them here:
    Set up a custom game, set it to Xbox live, choose C class and any stage you want (make sure its a small stage). Now put 3 of your racers in 2nd 3rd and 4th. Have your controller complete the race and let the timer run out. Even though everyone will have a DNF the achievement will still unlock. Make sure you do this for your boosting partner and say thank you.

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  • This one might be a problem.
  • Oh fuck you, Sega. Fuck you indeed :(
  • There goes the 1000GS for me in this game...
  • This'll be easy, I played the first one a ton with my friends.
  • This might not be as terrible as it sounds. Assuming I'm understanding "local friends" correctly, you'll only need to have 4 controllers in split-screen and a max of two other online people (also with 4 controllers) to boost this. Two of the players boost with their four controllers while the third uses two to begin with. When the first two players have their achievement, player number three plugs in his other two controllers and gets his achievement. Again, probably not as terrible as it sounds.
  • Hopefully the 10 players don't have to be human, doing this with ai as the other 6 should be pretty easy.
  • @5 good idea
  • @6 racing against AI doesn't work. I tried it earlier today. (and the people I was racing with, had enough trouble beating the AI on easy. So no chance getting this legit against racers online for me) :'(
  • Assuming that I don't need 4 active live gold accounts and I can play 3 other controllers as guests, if anyone wants to boost this with me, I'll be doing it on Tuesday 20th in the afternoon if u wish to join...obviously u will need 4 controllers so add my gamer tag: "sniper mantis" and let me know if ur interested
  • i have joined "sniper mantis" to try for the team sonic achievement on Tuesday 20th so we only need one more player with four controllers if you want to join us message one of us. My tag is "conor live".
  • Hi, I too would like to boost this achievement (I have four controllers). Seems stupid to include an achievement like this and unfair to punish those who don't have 4 controllers. Unfortunately I'm at work till 10pm this week.
  • Bit of a drag that most of me and my friends don't live near each other anymore. We used to bring our own controlers or arcade sticks for some fun or salty matches. I only have two 360 controlers I'm thinking of getting two more controlers but I only purchase second hand ones as paying more than £35 for just one controler isn't worth it unless you live loads of people. I'll offer to help anyone online who just needs more players to fill the lobby "ROCKETxKNIGHTER" add me and I'll help y'all out pardner.
  • I need people to help me get this. I have four controllers. Add me on Xbox: "Charity Diary" Thanks!
  • Oh, and I'll help people get this in return.
  • Looking to boost this with anyone while I still have the game in my posession.
  • Can you do this offline?
  • Hey guys i need help with this if anyones willing to help,i have 4 controllers so i need two people with six controllers between them.Im more than willing to help others get it if they help me. if youre interested my gt is The Sneak Uk ill be on later tonight, PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Hello everyone, I have 4 controllers and some time ahead to do this achievement, if you wanna join in, just add me ! GT : ythanosia #14, #15 & #16 if you haven't done it yet you can add me anytime to ge it out of the way. #16 achievement must be done offline pal
  • #18 ill add you later if you still wanna go for it, ill be on live later
  • 4 controllers and a lot of time so add me GT: ShiroYasha95
  • have 4 controllers and looking to boost. add me GT: dpandragonb
  • Looking to boost this achievement and the other online ones. Only have xbox gold for the weekend though so please hurry :) Gamertag :DrWho1207
  • I've got four controllers, message me if you're interested. GT: Super Spy 3000 I'm willing to help out as well.
  • Can this one be had by doing 4 controllers locally? Or must it be 4 controllers all playing split screen on line in a match making game? Debating if I buy a 4th controller today...
  • If anyone is willing to help to get this achievement please message me on GT: GoombaMan4 I have four controllers
  • Looking for help with this, if anyone would like to help me out I'd be happy. My gamer tag is TheCrazymason thanks :)
  • EDIT: I no longer own this game, so don't bother contacting me.
  • I got this by playing my first race. I dont think there is any special skill required... I was just playing alone...
  • Guys, if you want some help you can call onto me. I have 4 controllers and am willing to play with people online for this achievement. Gamertag: AvengedWerehog Just mail me on live or something about the topic. Happy playing!
  • I have 4 controllers so I can help with the achievement GT: Mystery Tails
  • 990/1000 That's all I can say.
  • I have 4 Controllers and free whenever! Hit me up on here or on live. Gamertag: SKD0N
  • I need online achievements. GT: AlbirVampPrince I do have 4 Xbox Controllers btw. :)
  • I know I'm late to the party but I would love to get some help getting this achievement. I am about to buy the fourth Xbox controller I need but I want to start getting boosting buddies early. I'm also willing to help other people who still need this as well. Add me! GT: Gordyvision
  • I've got 4 controllers and really want this-- GT: ChangeMyPitchUp
  • Apparently you can do this locally now....
  • Does this game require Xbox Live Gold, as in Online Multiplayer Gaming in order to unlock this achievement? It said offline, just to be sure.
  • I need this, add me and send me a message if you need to do this please SILV3R HAWK 017
  • Can somebody plz help me with this achievement I have 4 controllers but I want to try and get this done asap my Xbox gamertag is TheGunstringer1
  • Can somebody help me with this achievement I got 2 controllers just need 2 more people with 4 controllers need to get this achievement done asap my gamertag is lordmcjohnny23
  • Yo I got 4 controllers need 2 other people to help with this one would love the help GT: Gladiator291
  • I have 4 controllers and just need 6 more players to help out, message me if you need help with this monstrosity. Gamertag: JESSE M 19987
  • Anyone wants to do this help each other out?

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