CITY ESCAPE Restored! Achievement

  • CITY ESCAPE Restored!



    Restored the CITY ESCAPE Stage Gate.

    Story-related, can't be missed. Refer to All Stages Cleared!

  • This didn't pop for me.
  • is this a good game?
  • Also did not pop for me either.....
  • Didn't work for me.
  • @I like Conker Yes, it's a great game, but that might be my Sonic fanboyism kicking in. If you have any interest in Sonic games old or new you should give it a try. The achievement popped for me, so I guess it may be glitchy for a few? Try clearing your system cache, that or I'm sure they'll fix it.
  • Didn't pop for me either, only way to get it was to start a new game on another storage device (USB stick, internal memory (4GB models), HDD are possible storage devices). Was a pain having to redo 3 acts, as Classic Sonic, then Modern Sonic, then a Challenge Act on each, then the Egg Robot Boss, then Speed Highway as Classic and Modern Sonic, then finally to do City Escape again as Classic and Modern Sonic and it unlocked a second time. I tried everything to avoid it, but had to in the end, I hope no others mess up like that, keeping my second save incase I need to use it again.
  • yeah take AceMcCloud's advice and make a seperate save on a different storage device, before you attempt any of city escape's acts, I had to do them both 2 times anf they unlocked
  • Glitched on me two dang.
  • i found a cameo in city escape act 2 at the start camp near the wall and when it comes to one of the corners there is a poster with fang, bark and beak three characters from sonic the fighters
  • i think it was the second corner

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