GREEN HILL Restored! Achievement

  • GREEN HILL Restored!



    Restored the GREEN HILL Stage Gate.

    Story-related, can't be missed. Refer to All Stages Cleared!

  • How the hell did i not get this achievement
  • Me too. Anyone know if I will have to startr a new game? Or is there a way
  • try a new game, if that doesn't work I don't know what will
  • It didn't give me the achievement the first go around. I was so confused on which one I was missing, this was literally the last one I checked up on... I started a new game and saved it on the memory card instead of my hard drive (otherwise you will delete your other game status) and it gave it to me after I completed Act 2. Weird though. Small little glitch but it was hard to catch it.
  • You need to complete both acts. This also applies to the "restore" achievements
  • Yea, if you missed this achievement, just start a new game and select the save storage on The Cloud and just blast through Act 1 & 2 and your done.

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