PLANET WISP Restored! Achievement

  • PLANET WISP Restored!



    Restored the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.

    Story-related, can't be missed. Refer to All Stages Cleared!

  • I did this but it didn't give me the achievement :(
  • Same here... short of starting a new file, is there any way to get it? Could I appeal to microsoft?
  • same here what can we do
  • Yeah how does one achieve this?
  • I have every single achievement except for this wtf
  • Yep so far, this is the only one that didnt unlock and I'm not gonna start again :(
  • Yeah seriously, is there still no fix for this?
  • Ah, I see others have been having trouble with this too. Probably just a bug. Oh well just one achievement.

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