Treasure Hunter Achievement

  • Treasure Hunter



    Collected all the Chaos Emeralds.


    Story-related, can't be missed. Refer to All Stages Cleared!

  • anyone find out how to get this possible 2d sonic's save points or in the 3d levels maybe?
  • i found it its really simple when u defeated a rivile you get one after restoring the three stages and the challenge missions come up. also when u defeated a boss you get one!
  • Finally chaos emeralds again i was getting sick of all the more recent collectables like secret of the rings and colours Anyway yeah really simple achievement not only essential for the story but really obvious and simple how to get them all unlike heroes
  • never played most of the newer sonics they did not seem good
  • got all chaos emeralds!!! NOW!! Come forth Shenron, and grant my wish! ((5 minutes later)) wher is he!?
  • @3 Sonic Heroes chaos emeralds wasn't that hard to get
  • I defeated the final boss, got the achievement for beating the game and I got the achievement for completing a stage with Super Sonic. That means I have all seven Chaos Emeralds, right? Then how comes, that I don't have this achievement? -.-

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