All Stages Cleared! Achievement

  • All Stages Cleared!



    Clear Sonic Generations.

    There are three levels to complete in the Genesis Era and there are Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, and Sky Sanctuary. Once you complete all three Zone, the challenges acts will unlock. you need to beat one challenge from each stage in order to collect the boss key. You need to collect all three in order to face the Death Egg Robot. Once you collect all 3 keys, challenge Metal Sonic to a fight; beat him in order to get your first Chaos Emerald.

    Once you beat the boss, you will unlock the Dreamcast Era Stages. Beat both Act 1 and 2, fight Shadow to claim his Chaos Emerald and beat at least three challenges. The Boss in the Dreamcast Era Stage is Perfect Chaos; Beat him to unlock the Modern Era Stages.

    The fifth Chaos Emerald is just given to you; Same thing here, beat all the three levels to get a Chaos Emerald. Challenge Silver to fight to get his Chaos Emerald and then fight the Egg Dragoon to get seventh and Final Chaos Emerald.

    In order to fight the Final Boss, you need to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds. One 1 is given to you, three are from Boss fights and the other three are from the Rival fights. The final boss is Time Eater, beat him to unlock Super Sonic skill set and to see the ending of Sonic Generations!

  • Modern Sonic: Your future is going to be great, Sonic! LIES! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM CLASSIC SONIC! STAY TRUE TO YOUR ROOTS!!! Seriously though, fun game, aside from a disappointing last boss and a few minor glitches
  • good game i enjoyed it alot both modern sonic and classic sonic were fun to play as the only thing that sucked were the bosses
  • @1 , I could never enjoy the older Sonic games like i do with the newer Sonic games. Not everybody prefers the old Sonic days. The old Sonic games i could complete in a few hours , at least with the newer ones they are longer, more Challenging (Especially the 2006 game) and fun.
  • @3 That's hilarious! I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Wait....You're serious? ...........
  • @1 & 3 IMO, Adventure series>Genesis series>2006 series
  • @4.. LOL my thoughts exactly... @3.. Remember where sonic Came from, if so many people hadn't of loved the gameplay style of the classics, and the Speed/pinball platforming premise, New sonic would not exist today.. So take in to considerations why so many people just want to play a fast Bouncy 2d sonic game... Its just the way it was created to be.. btw Sonic 06 is the worst game known to exist. @5 Adventure series was "meh" at best, I don't know how you can say its better than the classics, Unless your one of those people who likes the idea of Sonic having 19 playable friends, And very poorly done camera, And terrible physics.... What is wrong with these people

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