Greased Lightning Achievement

  • Greased Lightning



    Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.


    Refer to the video below. The achievement will pop in the ranking screen.

  • It's not a Sonic game without doing Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 1 minute
  • i bet a lot of us saw this coming :) and i agree Taplowski :)
  • Nice you have to have this achievement it wouldn't be a sonic game without it.
  • I beat the level in 50 seconds on the demo so that's an easy 10G
  • All that practice on the demo has paid off!
  • well i guess this is one game i am not 100%ing lol
  • Yeah you can, OnionKnight! Just keep trying. It's not as difficult as you think.
  • @OnionKnight14, you can do it. Just play the level a couple of times and you'll get the hang of it. Just hug that X button for the spin dash and get your jumps right.
  • @Rockman117, I only managed to beat it in 54 seconds, where did you save those 4 seconds exactly? =)
  • You guys know this'll be really easy tahnks to the abilities you can purchase before hand.
  • 57 Seconds on the demo, good enough for the 10 points. Hope the level layout isnt changed.
  • This is retarded to be honest
  • Forgive me if I am mistaken, but isn't there an achievement for doing the same thing in under 35seconds on the arcade game?
  • Yes, but Green Hill Zone Act 1 is also about half as long as this level, at best. Hell, Act 2 could be beaten in 19 seconds, if I remember correctly.
  • It's hard if you don't know the layout, but possible. The hardest thing for me was the two platforms before that yellow spring. When I finally did everything right, i reached the goal at exactly 1:00.
  • still need to find 18 seconds...
  • Oh for god's sake! Lol! I misread this on my phone as 90 seconds and have just spent the last half an hour practicing it on the demo, (Lovefilm have dispatched this to me, can't wait!) and have my time down to 1min 27s... oh well back to it!
  • I played the Sonic Generations demo 40 times for act 1. The max time I got was 54 seconds. It was hard to keep doing the place fast. But I was still happy anyway becuase I always liked Green Hill all the time. ^_^ So this achievement was little bit easy.
  • I need to knock off 26 seconds -.-
  • 53 sec and 696 in world XD, pretty easy when you hold X for spin dash. #20, don't worry, can be done easily XD
  • Practice is all it takes, piece of cake.
  • This may sound terrible, but I'm finding this harder than "Walk On Water" :S
  • One of the last achieves i got for the game. Spin dash is your best friend here.
  • i did it in my first try-out whit 00:56 seconds
  • 00.59.37 took me four tries though. Tip: DON'T USE BOOST UNLESS YOU'RE GOING STRAIGHT WHERE YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T FALL.
  • Tough & slightly annoying...but i still had a fun time getting it ????????

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