Big Bang Achievement

  • Big Bang



    Get Rank S in all Acts.

    In order to earn S Rank in an Act, you have to get an A rank and get a Perfect Bonus. A Perfect Bonus is awrded completing the level without losing a life. You need to earn at least 50,000 in order to get an A rank, however there no way to tell how many points you have until you complete the level.

    Note: Getting an S-Rank on any of the Rival, Boss, or Challenge acts does not count towards this achievement. It also must be done in the story mode, getting S-rank in Ranking mode will not count.

  • Fuck.
  • Agreed.
  • S stands for Shit right?
  • naw bro
  • " Too easy, Piece of Cake "
  • How to S rank Sonic levels: Don't die, run semi fast. Easy... The 2D stages aren't always the case but that's what Youtube is for =)
  • Having played both acts of Green Hill and City Escape and getting an S rank on each the first time, I don't see this being too hard. All depending on the difficulty of the later stages
  • ^ this. Sonic isnt that hard to S rank (unless your playing the Sonic the Hedgehog game that came out on the 360 a while back...). Just takes practice :D
  • eh they may have been easy to get but sega always bumps it up to near impossible to get
  • this will be a bitch to get
  • as long as the gameplay isn't broken as hell this shouldn't be too bad. i don't mind hard s achievements, its the online ones i hate.
  • Quit complaining guys am I the only one who wants this game to be challenging? It wouldn't be a sonic (retail) game if the achievements weren't hard.
  • Shit this one is gonna be a hard one
  • S for Sunnovabeetch
  • @I Am4z1n9 AZI I want the game to be challenging to i don't mind easy games but hard games is where the fun is at
  • This is hard and probably not worth the pain
  • this wont be hard at all, just takes practice
  • why do people bitch about the difficulty of an achievement just because it takes practice and effort just shut the fuck up
  • S for SUPER!
  • I got 1000/1000 for Sonic 2006 and Sonic Unleashed, this will be cake in comparison.
  • People worrying about how challenging this will be clearly don't remember the Hot Dog missions.
  • This....Will.....BE.....FUN!
  • My worst nightmare D:
  • The S is for Sick!
  • S is for freaking easy
  • This won't be too bad. Playing through the game once, I've missed a lot of S ranks, but if you get a feel for the stages, it shouldn't be a problem. Act 2's are gonna be annoying though..
  • S ranks in this game are way too easy... Half the challenges I can complete with an S rank on the first try and the rest aren't that hard either.
  • S ranks are easy because all you need to do is don't die in a act state. So Practice the stages and then it will be easier to get S ranks. =)
  • got S rank in every act at first try =D
  • @21 Oh god
  • Can anyone confirm if hard mode is required? If not, then this could be my next 1000gs.
  • Nevermind. I saw that the bosses had a hard mode and assumed the stages did too.
  • I've always been shit at Sonic... I can't even finish the game let alone get this...
  • I'm BEAST at Sonic games, this was a piece of cake to get!
  • Thankfully pretty easy achievement to grind. Don't die, go semi-fast, you win. It's good that they have put the difficulty down for getting an S. Seriously.
  • This is easy, lol. I got S Ranks on all but 3-4 Acts on the first go. Planet Fucking Wisp is gonna be annoying...
  • @5 Nice Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Reference :)
  • Yeah, aside from Planet Wisp, this was a cinch. I'm glad Sonic Team got the hint and has slowly been sliding the difficulty scale downwards ever since Sonic Unleashed and its terrible controls.
  • This was way easier then it should be
  • Much too easy, They should have made an achievement for having all S ranks for challenges, because thats what i did...didn't stop until everything was an S rank
  • does this mean you have to get an S rank on the boss levels as well.
  • U only need it on regular stages n its actually a lot easier in this game then previous onez because they eased the scoring system.
  • #42 I hope not. Im screwed if it does.
  • Shit's easy, yo.
  • It really too easy getting a S rank on this game. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is impossible to get a S rank, especially in hard mode. But I still got it. "(Whistle) That was cool."
  • So easy. I barely tried to get it. Hell, I got it on my first try on some stages, the others were either A or B on the first run, then an S on the second.

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