Eradicator Achievement

  • Eradicator



    Defeat 100 enemies.

    This should come with natural story progression. If not, just target enemies while going for Big Bang.

  • I have every achievement except for this one! For some freaking reason it will not unlock, I have killed over 4000 enemies total, so I should have it now. Especially since this is my last achievement. Thank you if you help this is making me go crazy!
  • I'm now convinced the corporate crap-box 360 is targeting individual profiles. LOL just kidding, however I do feel your frustration this exact same glitch has affected me as well. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with the recent console update. As four of my newest games have glitched exactly 1 achievement each... I also have to download updates everytime I put in a new game. Strange thing this crap-box 360.
  • Alright,its confirmed the achievement is indeed glitched. The patch is supposed to be released along with proposed future DLC. But we shall see what happenns in time. Good luck to everyone experiencing this glitch.
  • Of course my last achievement for Sonic Generations is glitched :/
  • To anyone who is having a problem unlocking this achievement, just copy your save to a thumb drive, make a new save and just play until you get it and then copy your save back to your hard drive. It worked for me :)
  • I rented this game for a night and there was an update. It could be for fixing this glitch. It's one of those achievements that you just casually play the game and wait until you get it
  • #5 That is exactly what I ended up doing whenever I got all the other achievements and it worked like a charm

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