Action Hero Achievement

  • Action Hero



    Perform all of Sonic's moves in Act 2.

    Story-related, can't be missed.

    You need to perform three of Sonic's moves. The three moves are the stomp, the lightspeed dash, and the wall jump. You can do the stomp move any time during Act 2, the first time you can use the lightspeed dash is in Speed Highway Act 2, and the first time you can do the wall jump is in Green Hill Zone Act 2, but if you miss or can't find then you can do it in, Seaside Hill Act 2.

    • To perform the stomp move hit to jump and while in the air to stomp.
    • To perform the lightspeed dash hit while there is a line of rings in front of you.
    • To perform the wall jump, you need a wall panel to be on the wall (obliviously) and hit to jump on the wall panel and hit again to jump off it.
  • This popped for me in the Hub area :S...... how wierd
  • How do you get it? I'm sure I've used all of Sonic's moves, I must have seeing as I've got an S-Rank on all the levels....what's going on?
  • @#2 Did you do them spesifically in act 2 or just in general?
  • Actually, the Lightspeed Dash can be performed as early as Chemical Plant Act 2. You need to jump onto the right path at the start and follow it. You'll end up on some structure next to the main path on the left. The next part is hard, as you need to use Springs to get to a third structure. You must then jump and Boost to the Dash Ring in the distance. When you fly from the Dash Ring, you'll come to a line of Rings that can be Lightspeed-dashed.
  • This isn't triggering for me. :(
  • Well, here's why, according to [] "These moves are: Boost Drift Air Boost Wall Jump Grind Rail Switch Slide Stomp Homing Attack Jumping Light Dash"
  • Well, still can't get it. Poop.

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