Supersonic! Achievement

  • Supersonic!



    Cleared a regular stage as Super Sonic.

    In order to clear a regular stage as Super Sonic, you need the Super Sonic skill. To get it you have to beat the final boss and buy the skill from the shop. Equip it and enter any stage, the easiest will be Green Hill Zone Act 1. Collect 50 rings and hit to transform into Super Sonic. Finish the stage and the achievement is yours.

  • Make sure you add the super Sonic skill to your current set before going into a level. Just press X before going to a level to customize your skill sets. Make sure to confirm, start a level, get 50 rings, then press Y. Achievement Unlocked.
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  • Im assuming you must collect all the Chaos Emeralds to get the Super Sonic Skill?
  • You get the skill after beating the final boss, and you must have the 7 emeralds to gain aaccess to the boss
  • Really fun achievement to get, just make sure you don't use super sonic too early because you have to CROSS the finish line as super sonic, so if you come out of super sonic mode prematurely then you wont get it :)

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