Mad Skillz Achievement

  • Mad Skillz



    Get all Skills.


    First, make sure you get all red star rings in the required acts. This will unlock skills and automatically give them to you. Next, do all of the challenges. This will allow you to purchase more skills from the shop. Then complete the game with all seven Chaos Emeralds. All of the skills will now be purchaseable in the shop, but it will require a fair amount of rings, so make sure you save your money.

  • omochaooooooo
  • I'm going to have to search for these fuckers just to listen to them say "press B to duck under objects"
  • You need to collect all of the red coins, complete all of the challenges, and buyll of the skills from the skill shop to get this one.
  • Not all the challenges. Only the ones that unlock skills.
  • Which ones unlock Skills? If you could direct me to a link that'd be awesome.
  • You might as well do them all for the 100% achievment as well.
  • @Ep1cUser, I'd agree with KennyWolf on that one, but here's an FAQ by sonictrainer that should help.
  • Wow this one wasn't hard at all
  • Is there anything I can do short of starting a new game if this never granted for me?

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