Red Ring Collector Achievement

  • Red Ring Collector



    Get all Red Star Rings.


    In each Zone, there are ten Red Star Rings to collect, five for classic Sonic and five for modern Sonic. They are usually hidden in each zone, some of them of are easy to get, some of them are hard.

    Each Red Star Ring, you collect will give you an artwork or a Song. Once you collect all 5 Red Rings for a Zone, you will earn a skill.

  • Sonic Colors all over again.
  • at #1, is that a bad thing?
  • I'd like a different collectible than a Red Ring, but other than that, no, it's fine.
  • Eh, the whole Red Ring that actually started with Sonic and the Secret Rings. I'm not a fan of them myself (and I REALLY hated SSR), but oh well. It beats not having collectibles. :)
  • Hated them in Colors and probably going to hate them here too.
  • This whole thing started in Sonic Advance 2 if I remember correctly. They can usually be found on most shortcuts.
  • This isn't bad at all. You can just talk to whichever friend is infront of a stage until they tell you where they are in the levels. Their descriptions are actually pretty good.
  • Really easy i only need 2 more
  • A few of the red rings were a pain to find, but most of them were pretty easy to find after replaying the levels a few times c:
  • @6, lol yeah Sonic Advance 2 ... You would get SEVEN of these emblems. Then you would be rewarded a special stage at the end. Then if you beat the incredibly difficult special stage, you would be rewarded with one emerald. Now do this for 7 different stages. Voila, you unlocked the tiny chao garden. Repeat this process for another character. Voila, you unlocked the sound test. Repeat this process yet again. Voila, you unlocked the time attack mode. Repeat this process finally once more. Voila, you FINALLY unlocked Amy! Yeah, pretty much nobody got Amy, myself included. It was sad. Lots of people loved the game, so.
  • why collectables. It couldn't just be original sonic where the only things to collect were rings & chaos emeralds. Simpler times people, simple times
  • @10 I got amy. I just didn't get all the emeralds with her
  • This is easy, guys. Here's a playlist of a good walkthrough. Once you get through the more difficult rings, the rest is a breeze. I won't lie, it's a little time consuming, and a smidgen more difficult...but it really felt like nothing when I got that achievement pop, happy hunting, though, guys! ^_^
  • At #13: That was a big help. Got them all in no time.
  • The red rings quest is more frustrating than anything, really. There are only so many times you feel up for replaying a game before it gets stale. XD
  • just finished this achievement............what a hassle

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