Mission Accomplished! Achievement

  • Mission Accomplished!



    Clear all the Challenge Acts.

    There are 90 Challenge Acts in the game; 45 for Classic Sonic and 45 for Modern Sonic. Each Zone has total of 10 Challenges with five for Classic Sonic and five for Modern Sonic. While completing the Challenge Acts, you will unlock the Bonds of Friendship achievement.

    Each time you complete an challenge act, hit the bell and hit the music note to get an artwork or a song.

  • Some of the challenges were a pain, but after a few tries it isn't hard to clear all of them c:
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the challenges. The variety (Sonic's friends included) made this achievement a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
  • Mine glitched, I just 100% it last night and this didn't unlock.
  • As i said in another one, they should have made an All S challenge achievement haha
  • What? No achievement for S Rank with all challenges? Am I hurting my thumb only to get...personal satisfaction and inner peace becoming one with Sonic. Ok, I shall accept this path...
  • @Sasquatch I can relate, bro, i can relate. S Ranked like 90% of the challenges before even realizing there's no achievement for it. Might as well do the rest now. Damn it.
  • hmmmm down to the bottom of the list of achievements but im still missing one secret one........i dont understand.....

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