Metal Sonic Falls Achievement

  • Metal Sonic Falls



    Defeat Metal Sonic in SKY FORTRESS ZONE, Act 1.


    “Sky Fortress Zone” is the fourth Zone in the game. In Act 1 the level will be like "Sky Chase Zone" from Sonic 2 with Tails flying a plane and Sonic standing on top of it. Defeat Metal Sonic in this level to unlock the achievement. This will be your second time fighting Metal Sonic in the game. He will launch gray cannon balls and enemies at you. You can hit the cannonballs to fling them right back at him. Keep at it until he is defeated.

    Here is a video of the level

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  • Can't wait to play this game, and close to my birthday. :D
  • You get this by hitting 8 canonballs back at Metal.
  • Hit the canonballs back at Metal Sonic by jumping or using the plane spin. ^_^
  • The pic for this achievement looks so badass.

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