A Golden Wave Achievement in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

  • A Golden Wave



    Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic.

  • How to unlock A Golden Wave

    To get this achievement you must beat all bosses as Super Sonic. Every Boss Act and well as Death Egg mk.II Zone Act 1 must be beaten as Super Sonic for this to unlock. To get Super Sonic you must get the seven Chaos Emeralds beforehand.

    For the Chaos Emeralds see  All Chaos Emeralds Found!.

    When you have acquired Super Sonic you need to gather 50 rings and press  transform. Using Tag Combos with Tails will cancel out the Super Sonic state. If you still have over 50 rings just press  again to transform.

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  • Freaking awesome, this was one of my complaints about Ep1. Approach boss, turn Super, "I am going to KICK. YOUR. ASS."
  • Agreed, now lets hope that sonic doesnt move like he's wading through treacle and we're sorted
  • This achievement not unlocking for anyone else? Done every single boss using super sonic and it hasnt unlocked
  • I'm thinking the final blow might have to be struck by Super Sonic, but don't quote me on that.
  • I think it's the final hit as well. I also read that you need to beat the Metal Sonic Race while super as well.
  • Hey, registered just to ask about this one. I just finished beating every boss, as well as Metal in the Act 1 race, as Super Sonic, and didn't get this achievement. Any idea what's going on?
  • Nevermind my last comment. For some reason, it gave me the achievement after redoing the Oil Desert Boss Fight.
  • The final blow has to be done using Super Sonic. You can start the fight as regular Sonic, use Tails, and use the special attacks for as long as you want so long as the finisher is done by Super Sonic. It can be tough for some fights since you need to avoid getting hit to retain the 50 rings you need to transform.
  • Here a level where you have to fight and Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic. SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE ACT BOSS WHITE PARK ZONE ACT BOSS OIL DESERT ZONE ACT BOSS SKY FORTRESS ZONE ACT BOSS DEATH EGG MK.II ZONE ACT 1 DEATH EGG MK.II ZONE ACT BOSS Ingore fighting Metal Sonic on Sky Fortess Zone Act 1.
  • @Exu and jupr1 You were butthurt that Ep 1 didn't bring back the most broken and ridiculous part of the classic games (being able to fight the bosses as the invulnerable Super Sonic, rendering them 100% moot)? Wow. A WHINER IS YOU! I wish Sega hadn't listened to asinine complains like yours, now the bosses become literally pointless after the player unlocks Super Sonic.
  • @Redde What a ridiculous comment! First off, 90% of the bosses in the 16 bit games had exploitable patterns or weaknesses rendering it a potentially broken experience ANYWAY. Secondly, it was more of a challenge (in Sonic 2 at least) to actually keep and retain Super Sonic before boss encounters anyway given premature transforming, and long sometimes dangerous levels. Not to mention actually gathering all 7 Emeralds (easier once you learn them of course). Seriously if anyone sounds "butthurt" it's you for attacking other users over them enjoying what was otherwise essentially a fun and OPTIONAL feature (particularly since Chaos Emeralds don't just fall into your lap).
  • Thanks @Hyuzeni Pattasan for #9 I need to beat DEATH EGG MK.II ZONE ACT 1 as super sonic then. I was going crazy because I beat all the bosses (BOSS STAGES) and the achievement didn't pop.
  • This is a lot harder than I thought it would be
  • I second that

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