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    Upload a Multiplayer score or time.


    After finishing a co-op session upload your score/time afterwards.

    To upload your score/time, go to "Leaderboards" from main menu, pick "Multiplayer", then pick an Act and your score and time will upload automatically.

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  • This is my Last achievement. And I can't figure out how to get it. Do I have to do Time attack on all acts on multiplayer or what? If anyone can tell me how to unlock this I would appershiate it.
  • Never mind I got it.
  • I read the comments from vLonexWolf and it is a huge pet peeve when someone posts a question and comes back and says never mind I got it. Are you kidding me? You ask for help and then can't bother to type out how to get the achivement. Sorry vLonexWolf I'm just have a bad day. To get this achievement just press Y (IIRC) when you see leaderboard on the screen while in the stage select. It will automatically upload your scores and the achievement will pop. Hope I helped!
  • Easy as pie: >Go to local co-op game. >Plug in a second controller as 'guest'. >Pick the 1st Special Stage because it's shorter than a tortoise on crack. >Go to Leaderboard (Y button) after finishing the stage. >Click on the stage you just went into & viola, Easy Chievie. *McGrin*
  • Oh, and this also became my 34,600th Achievement milestone. Schweeeeeet. *McGrin*
  • #4 thanks!

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