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  • I Love Tails



    Play as Tails 50 times.


    To play as Tails, from the main menu select “Multiplayer”. Then either select “Local Co-Op Mode” or “Online Co-Op Mode”.

    If Local, then plug in a second controller and press start (You can sign in the second controller as a Guest if you want). On the level select menu choose a Zone and an Act.

    Once confirmed you will be asked which players want to be who. Pick Player 1 as Tails by using  and . Confirm once again and the level will start. Beat your desired level and then repeat the process until the achievement unlocks. If choosing online get a partner unless you want to fight to be Tails. Regardless, if your partner decides to stick around you will both alternate being Sonic/Tails every other Act. 

    Note: It seems people are having trouble unlocking this while doing Online Co-Op. Until it is looked into more I suggest Local Co-Op for this achievement.

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  • It's been confirmed you can only control Tails in multiplayer, so this is basically "play multiplayer fifty times".
  • Boo. I want to play Tails in single player. D:
  • Yeah, you'd think they'd have let you play as Tails with the computer controlling Sonic. It seems to me that some parts of the game in single player with switch control to Tails, such as the flying and swimming sections, although I'm unsure if this will count towards the achievement.
  • Yes, I love Tails!
  • Tails is pretty cool... I guess >.>
  • oh that sucks, in multiplayer everybody wants to play as tails for this achievement
  • Play Special Stage 1 in local co-op.
  • i have been playing as Tails on online co-op for ages and this doesn't seem to be unlocking....
  • I like picking Tails! ^_^ But when someone want to pick Tails I will let you pick him... But I am going to have to be Sonic. =)
  • Absolute best and quickest way to do this. like comment #7 say play special stage 1 local co-op. This is what I did. 1. Plug in a dummy controller. 2. Bosst all the way and align yourself straight to avoid rings on the side. 3. The stage will make your characters sway to the right near the end, which is good to avoid all the rings in the middle. 4. Once u pass the finish goal, u will have between 46-48 rings and fail. Just keep doing this fifty times for it only takes 10-11 secs for the round and another 30-40 secs for loading time. So 50 secs per stage beats anything else u can do. The extra lives are a good way to keep track.
  • This is the most annoying achievement in the whole game. #10's advice is great if you want to vastly reduce time needed. Special stage 5 is actually faster (4.9 seconds in stage, if I recall correctly). Hold both controllers to the left and boost to the ring.
  • Okay if anyone wants to join any online matches just so they can use tails and if you need help getting the "ring collector" or "Found all red rings" achievements then send me a text message on my live account. My GT: ROCKETxKNIGHTER All in Capitals except for the "x" --------------------------------------- In online multiplayer if you set the game to "Switch characters each act" the acheivement may unlock, I'm pretty much close to getting this. I'm perfectly fine with sonic, in some acts that hedgehog can get out of certain areas faster than tails.
  • Okay here is some information to help you keep track of your ring count. First gate you should already have 80 rings. Second gate you should have 215 rings. (when you touch the boost pad in part 2 you should have 132 rings) Final gate you should finish with 314 rings. Part 2. tends to be the most hardest part because most people don't realise your meant to keep pushing the analog stick to the side inorder to grab the rings in the air on the left side. Part 3. collect rings in centre| player 1 grabs rings on the left| player 2 grabs rings on the left| player 1 jumps over bombs to grab 10 rings| both players need to stay in the centre while slightly moving the analog stick to make sure you get those 3 groups of rings in the centre. @ part 3 during the ring collecting at the cen
  • @last message (damn text limits) Part 4 (collect 15 rings to get perfect 20 extra rings) Centre, Right, Centre, Left, Centre = 15 rings giveing you an extra 20 rings = 35 rings. Hope this guide helps.
  • Just to confirm, #7/#10's method works, just got the achievement :)
  • I got the achievement and then it went away. I then did the achievement again and counted by my extra lives up to 70 and never got it again. Do I have to delete my user data and start over? I don't want to because of how hard it was to get the special stage 1 achievement...
  • This is easier to do on Special Stage 5. 1. Immediately boost 2. Jump over the spring 3. Stage ends in 5 seconds. Sonic will hit the mines and still be in his dead animation thing when you pass the spring. Get through it in no time. Should take no time. The only thing that will take up time in this is the loading and "YOU LOST/SCORE" stuff.
  • I fuckin' hate tails
  • I've deleted my game data and the game even said I achieved the achievement again and it still will not stay. Someone please help me.

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