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  • Ring Collector



    Beat Special Stage 1 after collecting every Ring.


    If you’ve played Episode 1 then this is the same exact achievement, except possibly harder. Get every ring in the first Special Stage and the achievement is yours. The good thing about this is that you can pause the game and restart the Special Stage if needed like in the first episode (Provided you haven't passed a checkpoint without enough rings already). If you still need some help you can always co-op this with someone. There are 314 rings to get in the first Special Stage.

    • Checkpoint 1: 80 Rings
    • Checkpoint 2: 215 Rings
    • Checkpoint 3 (Chaos Emerald): 314 Rings

    Here is a video for help

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  • This HAS to be done in multiplayer. For near the end there are rings on each side where one person alone cant get it. The part of getting the 15 rings to earn more isn't considered as the achievement. Believe me, I wised and tried it.
  • Holy crap that sucked! I spent 2 and 1/2 hours to finally get this done. The end of the second set is nearly impossible to do on your own.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwrUQvE-1i8 Here is a video of me completing this achievement. Hold down boost when practising and it will prepare for you for when you slow it down again. I found it easier when boosting because it seems to pick up rings that you kind of miss.
  • thx for the tip #3
  • This achievement will take time because you need to know where all the rings are and you may need two players to do it. You need 314 rings in total to get the achievement. That's the way I got it. =)
  • This is is the only one I need! Gamertag is "Alan Hockham" if anyone's willing to help
  • Never mind, got it!
  • The most important advice I can offer is this: BOOST! This achievement isn't so bad if you use it. If you boost through most of the level, you'll get rings you don't think you picked up. I used it for the entire stage except the beginning of part 3 (rings to the left, right, then the 10 ring you need to jump for) and then the end of part 3 (collecting rings for a bonus). Those two places I found are easier to do at normal speed. If you try to do the entire stage at normal speed, you have a better chance of missing one ring here or there.
  • I forgot to mention I completed this in single player mode. Multiplayer isn't a requirement.
  • just completed this doing it on my own ill give a quick rundown of some tips. First do it in multiplayer, if you have a second controller just start it up and put it off to the side because you wont actually need it. Why? in single player tails moves with you but in mp he goes where the track directs him. Second your gonna use speed boost for 95% of it it makes collecting the rings a lot easier Third set Ring goals to know where you stand without waiting until the end of the run. Track 1: very easy no real tricks needed, speed boost the entire thing you should have 56 rings before you hit the treadmill and 80 at the end of the run. If you miss a goal, restart and go again and again until you master the first track. Track 2: More tricky with more twists and turns. Again speed
  • Track 2: More tricky with more twists and turns. Again speed boost the entire time, after you get the high rings on left you should have 182 rings now as soon as you land move to the right and get the right set of rings and guess what? the track twists moved tails into the perfect position to get the rings on the left. You should end the track with 215 If you miss a goal, restart and go again and again until you master both tracks. As a side note for this level you may feel like your missing a lot of rings because you are going so fast but you are not, just pay more attention to your goals than your feelings.
  • Track 3: This was the hardest for me, now at this point DO NOT USE SPEED BOOST!! until i say so. now go straight to get the first ring cluster then immediately go high up on the left and then collect the cluster while going back to the right, its important to be "above" the first ring and then coming "down" as you collect the rest because the next set is all the way to the right and you dont have a lot of time. So after you get the last ring on the left go all the way to right and repeat and when you reach the last ring jump to the middle to get the 10 ring over the blue thingy. Now if you pulled it off you should have 247 rings,as soon as you land you should be right in front of the next cluster hit the speed boost again and collect the next few clusters while avoiding the blue electric
  • slow-me-downs,when you reach the straight away you should have 279 rings. i would advise to stop using the speed boost now and collect the last 15 rings, they are pretty easy to get once you get them you will get an additional 20 bringing you up to 314 and the achievement. Good luck Good good i cant believe i had to split that into 4 parts
  • i did it on single player took sometime but i got it done speed boost is a must for the first two sets the third one you gotta slow it down.
  • You can also use Tails in multiplayer to get this, if anyone was wondering. Got it while going for the I Love Tails cheevo.
  • Impossible man. Impossible! It's the Sonic equivalent of Cloudberry's "Shenanigans!" achievement.

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