Endurance Race Achievement

  • Endurance Race



    Clear all stages without returning to the World Map.


    To get this, clear all the stages without returning to the World Map. After you complete each Act you will need to press  to advance to the next Act. Not doing this will send you to the World Map. I suggest doing this either on your first playthrough (just try not to Game Over while doing it) or after you have Super Sonic. 

    Note: This apparently does not unlock if done in Co-Op. Most likely because you don't see cut-scenes while doing it.

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  • Let's hope this can be done in at least an hour.
  • wat if u run out of lives, they might nerf the way u get lives
  • Get all the emeralds first and make the game your bitch.
  • @3 literally, without exaggeration, the best thing I've ever read. FACT.
  • @3 hahaha will do
  • Sounds Cooler 2 Blast Through The Game As Super Sonic, But What About Tails, Could He Have A Super Aura 2?
  • @3 just made my day but now i need to clean my desk as I just spat pepsi everywhere. Thanks for nothing, jerk ;).
  • If you're trying to do this on your first run through the game, don't get all the chaos emeralds, once you do it automatically puts you back onto the World Map screen.
  • @8, no it doesn't, you can still push Y button to continue.
  • Does restarting void the achievement?
  • No, no it doesn't.

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