All Chaos Emeralds Found! Achievement

  • All Chaos Emeralds Found!



    Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.


    Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds for this achievement. To get to the Special Stage is the same as getting to them in Episode 1; get and hold on to 50 rings until the end of the level and jump through the giant ring after the goal post of an act. Meet the requirements of the Special Stage and the Chaos Emerald is yours. 

    Note: Any Chaos Emeralds you get in Co-Op are carried over to your Single Player game.

    Here are some videos to help

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  • Let me guest, going to be Special Stage on Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Done!!
  • Anyone going for special stage 7 in single player is going to get very angry indeed, much easy with two players, just about did it myself though
  • I mean controller throwing angry
  • I was struggling with the 7th Special stage, was finishing with about 400 / 405 rings (as you need 500) just blitz it with 576! So happy!
  • note, if u know u aren't going to make it hit retry. It will let u do special stage again compared to having to do the level and collecting 50 rings everytime u lose the special stage.
  • Stages 1~6 are no problem at all. At the worst, expect a few tries each. But as noted above, stage 7 WILL make you rage. The best advice I can offer is practice and pray. Better yet, get an excellent partner in multiplayer.
  • I hated stage 7, it took me so long to get the last chaos emerald
  • Easiest way is to start collecting 50 rings on 7th stage, to get the first emerald (easy). Then, do the 6th stage to get the second emerald, and continue until you have to try the 7th emerald on the first stage. It will be much easier to get 50 rings on it and retry the bonus stage.

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