All Red Star Rings Found! Achievement in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

  • All Red Star Rings Found!



    Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring.

  • How to unlock All Red Star Rings Found!

    In every non-boss Act there is one Red Star Ring to get. After you have them all beat the final boss. 

    Note: Any Red Star Rings you get in Co-Op are carried over to your Single Player game. If you get a Red Star Ring, pass a checkpoint, and then die you will keep your Red Star Ring. If you get a Red Star Ring and die without passing a checkpoint you will have to obtain the Red Star Ring again.

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  • ....Why.
  • lol
  • I really don't get the beef with collectibles. If you don't want to collect them, don't. What do you think achievements are?
  • 'cause they're a pain in the arse and usually detract from the fun of just enjoying the game.
  • Its not a pain at all.. I actually found it quite fun and easy getting them all in generations
  • Hmm, I guess we can look forward to unlockables.
  • Play multiplayer, have Tails fly you to them. Simples!
  • (Oh and using Super Sonic wouldn't hurt either.)
  • @4 So going out of your way to get collectibles detracts from just playing through the game even though you dont have to in any way collect them to enjoy or complete the game?
  • @4 bullshit, if a game just had a story line it would suck, there would be nothing to go back for. Where as if there if collectibles it adds more replay-abiltiy to the game.
  • Nothing against collectibles, as a matter of fact it can add some value to the game, just don't make them misseable, ever, in any game, that is stupid and stressful.
  • Whilst I agree with @11, I would rather there were NO collectables, especially in a game like Sonic.
  • I think it's something nice and kind of fun to add to a game. Now if it was a ridiculous amount or something. Then again, I'd thought people would be happy this time around to NOT see another Untouchable achievement. I'd rather wander around stages and explore, than do a boss rush and try not to get hit.
  • Shouldn't be too bad. Won't be any harder than finding the Special Stages in Sonic 3
  • @14 Haha, those were the days...
  • Kill final Eggman without taking damage was the worst.
  • I love achievements like this. Old school games like this always need a fun pain in the ass achievement to add some replay value. The only achievements Im not really into are in games like mass effect, lost planet, bioshock, etc. Fun games that should just be played and enjoyed rather then ruining the first playthrough by achievement hunting from the get-go.
  • There's only 1 Red Ring per level so it's really not that hard. Most of them just require taking the high road in the level. To be perfectly honest I found myself wanting to search for more and thought there weren't enough. Generations Red Star Rigns were fun to collect as well but Sonic Unleashed Sun and Moon medals were a pain in the ass sometimes...
  • First off, what does the Red Stars Rings do? Im midways thru the game so I don't know. Secondly, did anyone remember why the fuck Dr. Robotnik is called 'Eggman'? I refuse to call him Eggman even tho he is a fat piece of crap. He looks more like a jelly bean. Haha.
  • They do absolutely nothing other than pop this acheivement in EP. 2. I'm hoping it will unlock something for EP. 3, though. (Episode Knux, anyone?)
  • @19 Yuji Naka has explained that "Robotnik" is the character's true last name while "Eggman" is a common name taken after his shape. Also I read somewhere that it was a translation error

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