- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 50 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 35+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None!
- Unobtainable achievements: None!
- Extra equipment needed?: None!

Sonic Unleashed is Sega's most recent entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise for the Xbox 360. It will take a while to get the full 1000, and it won't be a cake walk, but it's by no means impossible. For more details on all of the achievements and how to complete them, use the guide below.

Step 1: Story, Side Quests, & Upgrades (17 for 500)
This is the easiest part; just play through the game. Once you're done, you'll be able to go back and get all of the other achievements. Once you're done, you'll have all seven story-related achievements as well as the Partly Cloudy and Half Moon achievements, which are required as you go through the game. While playing through the game, be sure to get the Helping Hand, Hedgehunk, I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost, Get on the Exorcise Band Wagon, Lay the Smackdown, Wallcrawler, Airdevil, and Hyperdrive achievements by doing side quests and finding upgrades.

Step 2: Chili Dog Missions (9 for 90)
After you've completed the game, go back to each city and talk to the chili dog vendors, there is one in each city. You can buy special missions, and you'll need to complete all of them from the city's vendor for that city's achievement. Some of these are very hard, so you will need to practice! If you're struggling on a specific mission, try checking YouTube for a video to help you.

Step 3: Collection Achievements (7 for 100)
Now you get to slow down and do some collection achievements. Collect all sun and moon medals for Sunny and Full Moon respectively. Talk to everyone in every city for Social Butterfly, then buy and eat one of every food item for Hungry Hungry Hedgehog. Buy something from Wentos and give the professor every souvenir and you'll get First Time Customer, Oh, You Shouldn't Have!, and That's Enough, Seriously.

Step 4: S-Ranks and Time Trials (5 for 90)
These achievements are kind of hard, but with a few tries you should be able to get them. S-Rank one mission as Sonic the Hedgehog for Getting the Hang of Things and one as Sonic the Werehog for Creature of the Night. Next, get the Speeding Ticket, Blue Meteor, and Ace Pilot achievements using the guide below.

Step 5: Leveling (6 for 100)
If you haven't already, max out the stats for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Werehog. You should have most, if not all, of these by now, but the achievements are: Blue Streak and Power Overwhelming for Sonic the Hedgehog and Basher, Smasher, Crasher, and Thrasher for Sonic the Werehog.

Step 6: Wrap-Up (6 for 120)
You should have most of these achievements at this point, but if not, go back and get BFFs by feeding Chip, Combo King by getting over 10,000 in cumulative combos, Ring Leader by cumulatively collecting 5,000 rings, and Knockout Brawler by defeating 1,000 enemies. Once that's done, beat every stage with both Sonic the Hedgehog and Werehog for Day Tripper and Hard Day's Night.

You did it! You now have 1000 on Sonic Unleashed. Congratulations!

[x360a would like to thank Neverender for this road map]

Sonic Unleashed Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Save the first continent

    These achievements are all related to the storyline and, therefore, cannot be missed if you simply progress through the game.
  • Save the second continent

    See Still Broken

  • Save the third continent

    See Still Broken

  • Save the fourth continent

    See Still Broken

  • Save the fifth continent

    See Still Broken

  • Save the sixth continent

    See Still Broken

  • Complete the game

    See Still Broken

    This achievement will unlock after the credits are over.

  • Collect Sun Medals


    See Half Moon

  • Sunny



    Collect all of the Sun Medals

    See Full Moon

  • Collect Moon Medals

    You need to find half (100) of either the Sun or Moon medals to unlock these two achievements. You need more than 100 to progress through the storyline and should have that many by the end.
  • Collect all of the Moon Medals

    There are 200 Sun Medals and 200 Moon Medals in all. You can find them in various places:

    - Each country's village contains 2-4 Sun medals at Night and 2-4 Moon medals during the Day.
    - Each country's entrance stage contains 2 Sun and 2 Night medals.
    - Each stage contains a number of both medals.
    - Certain missions from the townspeople can contain 1 or 2 medals.

    Remember you can press when in the villages or missions to check how many medals you have found there (at the bottom right). Also, you don't need to finish a level after collecting medals for them to save, you can press and exit. Make sure it autosaves after, however.

    Click HERE for video guides for the medals in each level.
  • Create an unbeatable Hedgehog

    See Power Overwhelming

  • Create an unbeatable Werehog

    For these achievements you need to max out each stat's experience. You get experience from destroying enemies during stages/missions/etc. You can also get experience from eating various foods such as:
    - Hero Sandwich - gives 50 exp - bought from Wentos
    - Chili dogs - gives 30 exp - costs 50 rings - bought from Mazuri

    Each trial stage given by the chili dog vendors will give you a special chili dog which usually gives over 50 experience each time, so it is best to do this achievement whilst working towards the various chili dog ones.

    Max levels:
    Speed: 11
    Ring Energy: 6

    Combat: 31
    Strength: 11
    Life: 11
    Unleash: 11
    Shiedl: 11

    See Ring Leader for tips on how to get rings easy for buying food.
  • Get a high score with Sonic the Hedgehog

    You need to get an S rank in any Day stage with Sonic for this achievement. Getting an S rank basically means getting over 150,000 points at the end of the stage.

    An easy stage to do this in Apotos, Windmill Isle Act 2. Doing the time trails for the chili dog vendors should give you some good practice. Be sure to:
    - Get under 02:30:00 (I had 02:26:53 to be precise).
    - Aquire around 400 or so rings.
    - Take out a good deal of enemies.
    - Perfect both of the tricks (the jumps when you do button combinations).
    - Use the Sonic Boost at all possible times.

    This should get you that S rank.

    If you are a bit further into the game, another easy S rank is Act 3 of Rooftop Run in Spagonia. All you need to do for this stage is find the 10 chaos littered about the place, so after a bit of memorizing, collecting rings and blasting some baddies you should easily get an S rank. I finished at 02:01:04 as well.
  • Get a high score with Sonic the Werehog

    Same as before just with Sonic the Werehog. If you're good at the tightrope platforming sections, an easy level to S rank is in Mazuri, Savannah Citadel Act 2.
    - Get under 3 minutes (I finished with 02:42:04)
    - Try destroy all the enemies (there's one of the big one's at the end though)
    - Collect all the rings in your path but don't try to get all of them as you may fall off/take too much time

    I managed 164,486 on this stage, netting another achievement.

    Windmill Isle Act 2 is quite an easy level to S rank also, just destroy every enemy and object you see (as well as the hidden doors) and you should get it. A good strategy for quickly dealing with enemies is to use your Special Attacks - holding either of the triggers and just mashing or . You may need high Combat skill for this though.
  • Help someone in need

    You need to complete all missions for one townsperson. Easy way to get this:
    - Go to Apotos after you get the camera from the professor in Spagonia.
    - Wait until it's night.
    - Take a picture of the ice cream seller (he's possessed by Dark Gaia).
    - Defeat 15 piss-easy monsters.

  • Improve your Stomp!

    Although it says to "improve" your Stomp, you merely need to perform the action after unlocking the upgrade. The Stomp upgrade can be found in Holaska's entrance stage; the camera pans to it when you are there. Use the Sonic Boost and tread the water to your prize. Once upgraded, perform the move ( -> ) and it will unlock.
  • Improve your Wall Jump!

    The Wall Jump upgrade can be found in Spagonia's entrance stage. Use the Stomp on the button to the right and use the pulley to get to the next area. The camera will pan to the Wall Jump upgrade. Once upgraded, perform the move and it will unlock.
  • Improve your Air Boost!

    The Air Boost upgrade can be found in Chun-nan's entrance stage. You will need the Wall Jump upgrade. Once upgraded, perform the move ( -> Hold ) and it will unlock.
  • Improve your Lightspeed Dash!

    The Lightspeed Dash upgrade can be found in Shamar's entrance stage. You will need the Air Boost upgrade. Once upgraded, perform the move (Press infront of a series of rings) and it will unlock.
  • Basher



    Get your Werehog level up

    By "Werehog level" it means Sonic the Werehog's Combat level. For this achievement you will need to raise your Combat level to 5.
  • Get your Werehog level up some more!

    For this achievement you will need to raise your Combat level to 10.

  • Get your Werehog level up even higher!

    For this achievement you will need to raise your Combat level to 15.

  • Get your Werehog level way up there!

    If you having trouble getting experience, see Power Overwhelming.

  • Talk to people around the world

    You will need to talk to all 98 of the townspeople around the world. You only need to talk to them once. You can check your progress in Pickle's lab in the directory on the bookshelf, assuming that you've bought it first from Spagonia shop.

    Apotos: 10
    Spagonia: 23
    Chun-nan: 9
    Mazuri: 9
    Holoska: 6
    Shamar: 21
    Adabat: 6
    Empire City: 9
    Eggmanland: 4
    Unknown: 1 (Traveling Saleman Wentos)

    Click here for a full list of the townspeople.
  • Eat everything in the world

    You do not need to actually eat every single piece of food, merely purchase one of each. Each country's shop has various different foods you can buy. Wentos also has some food you can only buy from him, but it is random each time you see him. Each different chili dog you receive from completing the trials counts as well.

    Tropic Juice
    Live Honker
    Chili Dog
    Sparkle Gelatin

    Sundae Supreme
    Pitch Nuts
    Chili Dog
    Canned Juice

    Lin's Meat Buns
    Peach Buns
    Wang's Box Lunch
    Wang's Noodles
    Chili Dog

    Egg Candy
    Egg Dog
    Poppin' Popcorn
    Egg Puff
    Egg-squisite Lunch

    Empire City:
    Big G Steak
    Nuclear Taquo
    Chili Dog
    Fried Chicken

    Smoken Mohn
    Canned Horror
    Prehistoric Ice
    Chili Dog
    Sparkle Gelatin

    Broiled Ibanga
    Dondora Fruit
    Chili Dog
    Strawberry Cake

    Elastic Ice Cream
    Chili Dog
    Sparkle Gelatin

    Pasta alla Paccico
    Chili Dog
    Strawberry Cake
    Canned Juice

    Traveling Salesman Wentos:
    Aurora Oil
    Boabob Fruit
    Boelk Cream
    Chao Chugger
    Chili Dog
    Chirp Peas
    Empire Coffee
    Fried Chicken
    Fried Suncake
    Hero Sandwich
    Power Vitamin

    Chili dogs:
    Apotos: Breezy Dog
    Mazuri: Scorcher Dog
    Spagoria: Brainiac Dog
    Chun-nan: Historic Dog
    Holoska: Chilly Dog
    Adabat: Seafood Dog
    Shamara: Sandy Dog
    Empire City: Urban Dog
    Eggmanland: Doggone Dog
  • Pull off some flawless flying

    You will need to complete the first Tornado Act without taking any damage. You don't need to keep a perfect combo of destroying everything throughout the act, but it helps. As long as you destroy the missiles heading at you, you'll be fine.

    You have to do this on Tornado Defense: Act 1 in Spagonia. The only hard part is defeating Eggman's huge mecha at the end. Whenever he shouts something like "Fire all missiles!" be sure to watch the left, middle and right of the mecha. Wait until you have destroyed all of the missiles heading towards you, then press the displayed button five times to deal some damage.
  • Race through all stages

    You just need to clear every Day act with Sonic, getting any rank. This does not include any of the chili dog missions.

    Number of Acts per world:
    Spagonia: 3 (Act 3 is behind the boss, on top of that wall climbing bit in the corner)
    Apotos: 3
    Mazuri: 3
    Empire City: 2
    Shamar: 2
    Adabat: 3
    Chu-nan: 3
    Holoska: 2
  • Blast through all stages

    Similarly, you just need to clear every Night act with Sonic the Werehog, getting any rank. However this does not include any of the chili dog missions.

    Number of Acts per world:
    Spagonia: 1
    Apotos: 2 (Act 2 is behind the destructable door on the right, near the bridge)
    Mazuri: 2
    Empire City: 1
    Shamar: 1
    Adabat: 2
    Chu-nan: 2
    Holoska: 1
  • Drive dark spirits away

    One you have acquired camera, you'll be able to do special exorcism missions. During the Night, as the Werehog, sometimes when you talk to certain townspeople they will act all depressed and purple stuff will appear. This means you can perform an exorcism on them by pressing . You'll then need to just beat the mission by destroying all the enemies. You will have to do every exorcism for the achievement to unlock.

    There is only one in every village (excluding Eggman Land), while Spagonia has two and Apotos has three.
  • Eat all the hot dogs in Apotos

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Spagonia

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Mazuri

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nan

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Holoska

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Shamar

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Empire City

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Eggmanland

    See Fried Clam Roll

  • Eat all the hot dogs in Adabat

    Each country's village will have a chili dog vendor with special missions you can buy and complete. There are three types for Sonic during the Day:
    - Time Trial (finish in the according time)
    - Battle Trial (defeat the number of enemies shown and finish)
    - Ring Trial (collect the number of rings shown and finish)

    And there are two types for Werehog Sonic at Night:
    - Time Trial (finish in the according time)
    - Health Trial (you have a set amount of health and there are no rings so you cannot heal)

    Each trial has three levels, each getting progressively harder and costing more. Totaling in nine for Sonic and 6 for Werehog Sonic. After all 15 are completed the respective achievement will unlock.
  • Buy something from Wentos

    You just need to buy something from Wentos for the first time. He appears randomly in any country. Once you talk to him he will run away. You will need to find and talk to him three times in all to actually be able to purchase something from him. Day and Night do not effect his appearance.
  • Give a souvenir to the Professor

    Purchase a souvenir from any shop and hand it over to the Professor in his lab. There will be an option for souvenirs when you talk to him.
  • Give every souvenir to the Professor

    You will need to purchase and hand over a total of 45 souvenirs to the Professor for this to unlock. Souvenirs can be bought from shops (including Wentos). More souvenirs will be added to shops when you progress further into the game, some are only available after you beat the game.
  • Talk with people in the pursuit of love

    You will need to complete Ana and Louie's side missions to unlock this.

    Ana's missions:
    - Go to Mazuri (day) and talk to Ana. She will have a mission for you to talk to everyone in town so she can find her "prince". She will find out that who she is looking for isn't there and she will move on.
    - Afterward she will appear at Spagonia near the fountain. Do the same and talk to everyone in town. Soon talk to her again and she will find out he is not there.
    - Go to Shamar and you'll find her once again. Talk to the guy who is the tourist guide (he should be near the stage entrance) talk to him and go back to the girl.
    - Talk to them again and they will need a replacement guide. If you can remember there is that kid who wants to be a guide, if not he is on the east bridge area. Go back to the couple and they will leave to Mazuri.
    - You will then need to talk to her dad back in Mazuri (first you need to finish all the missions with him) and you'll need to choose the dialog says that you will do a test.
    -Talk to Ana and answer yes. Finish the test and you're done.

    Louie's missions:
    Go to Empire City during the Day and talk to Louie (the guy with the weird blond hair) and he will train you how to be a love master. Finish the mission and come back at night. He will have you do two more missions. Once finished you will get the achievement.
  • Someone is dealing with spectral troubles

    After you get the second or third Chaos Emerald, talk to Marcantonio near the entrance stage of Spagonia during the Day for a mission involving ghosts. You will need to "tag" the ghosts during the free fall section of the act. Later after you unlock Adabat, speak to him again but at Night near it's entrance stage for another ghost mission.
  • BFFs



    Become better friends with Chip

    To "become better friends with Chip" you just need to feed him food he likes (selecting the "Give to Chip" option in your inventory). An easy way to do with is to buy 10 or so Sundae Supremes from the shop Apotos and feed it to him. It will cost you 600 rings.
  • Become the fastest thing alive

    Complete the Arid Sands Act 1 as Sonic in less than 2min 50sec. Keep Boosting at every possible time. There's a video at the bottom.

    There seems to be a way to glitch this also, if you're really struggling. Found here.
  • Work on your combos

    Despite what the achievement's picture may lead you to believe, you do not need to get a 99 hit combo. You just need to get 10,000 hit combos overall, during the whole game. It is cumulative e.g. 99+35+21 etc. It unlocked for me after I completed the game, after doing quite a few of the trials, so it is best to work towards this achievement when doing the chili dog ones.

    If you still do not have it, a good place for combos is during an exorcism in Empire City. There will loads of the small enemies as well as wizards, so you can keep smashing away while the wizards heal the enemies. Just mashing the button works here.
  • Gather Rings from all over the world

    For this you need to collect 5,000 total rings. You can still buy things. You should unlock this during the natural course of the game. If you didn't, try playing Windmill Isle Act 2 a few times . You can net about 400 or so rings in about 3 minutes each time. You could use the ring exploit here.
  • Smash, smash, and smash some more

    For this achievement you will need to have defeated 1,000 enemies. You should get this during the natural course of the game. I had it before restoring the third continent.
  • Dash through the white walls at top speed

    The "white walls" mentioned just means Windmill Isle Act 2 in Apotos. You have to finish in less than 2min 35sec. After doing the chili dog missions for this stage you should easily be able to get this. Remember to keep Boosting at all times.

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