-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 12 (200/200)
-Online: None
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : 1-5hours, depending on skill.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 21 (19 Arcade, 1 Time Attack, 1 Extra Survival)
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes.

SOUL CALIBUR is the classic fighting game from the Sega Dreamcast, but without all the bells and whistles of the original. The same characters are there, but no genuine story mode for anyone. The lack of online fighting is a let down, but the game itself still runs great and is a lot of fun. You at least need to play through the Arcade 19 times (Once with each character), but the Time Attack and Extra Survival might be the most frustrating achievements due to the fact that there's not a whole lot of room to mess up. Changing the settings in the main menu can help your luck with Arcade a WHOLE bunch (1 Round, Infinite Health, etc), leaving room to only win by Ring Out, which is not the computer's primary objective... but it is yours now.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
As stated above, Arcade can become a breeze - especially the more difficult achievements - by changing the settings to 1 Round and Infinite Health and Time. Depending on your skill, this can cut down your time playing through Arcade to about an hour to get all those achievements. Time Attack and Extra Survival Mode can be a pain, especially the Ring Out achievement. Just do Arcade first and become familiar with character's best ring out moves (Personally, I prefer Nightmare or Lizardman), and then move on to Time Attack. Extra Survival, I used Sigfried's big sword swing right off the bat. They might dodge, leaving you open, but it's one of the longer swings in the game, giving you the initial element of surprise. The other achievements (Close Call, Guardian, and Summon Suffering) can be done with a second controller for easier access.

Overall, SOUL CALIBUR is a very doable Arcade game for 200/200. For some, it will be a breeze, to others, you might have trouble with the Time Attack and Extra Survival. Stick with it, although it does get frustrating at times. The AI can definitely be stupid in the long run and give you some great opportunities for these achievements. If you need more help, refer to the guide.


x360a would like to thank UCB Disco for this Road Map

Soul Calibur Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play 3 characters in any mode

    Just play as different 3 characters in any mode, you should get this one easy if you just play the game.

  • Complete Arcade Mode

    Another simple achievement, all this requires you to do is finish the arcade mode with any any character.

  • Win a round with a perfect

    If you are good at the game you will get in no time but if you are struggling to get this just change the difficulty in the options to easy. The best character to do this with is Ivy just walk to the edge of the ring and wait for your opponent to run towards you and when your opponent is close enough use her +grapple attack on the edge of the ring to throw the opponent out of the ring.

  • Beat the game in Ultra Hard without losing a round

    This achievement is not as hard as it seems but still can be difficult, to start off with go to the options put the difficulty on ultra hard then change the number of rounds to 1 so your less likely to not lose a round also set the time to infinite and health to infinite. Then just get ring outs. That way, no matter what they do, you can't lose, unless you get kicked out which hasn't happen to me so far. The best character to do this with is nightmare with his + attack.

  • Beat Time Attack Mode in under 4 minutes

    Just rush through time attack as fast as you can and you should get it no problem. This is easiest with Ivy just use her +grapple attack on the edge of the ring to throw the opponent out of the ring or can be easily done with Nightmare with his + attack until the opponent goes out the ring.

  • Finish Time Attack Mode with all Ring Outs

    To get this achievement you have to finish your opponents by getting ring outs. To do this just hit your opponent when they are on the edge of the ring and they should fall out of the ring. The easiest way to do is with Ivy just run up to the edge with her and when your opponent comes towards you hold + to throw them over the edge. Another easy way to do this is with Nightmare just do the + attack until they go out the ring.

  • Beat 25 opponents in Extra Survival Mode

    The easiest seems to be doing Ivy's + attack, which shoots her sword almost all the way across the screen. I was able to get 58 wins in EX Survival that way.

  • Defeat an opponent under adverse conditions

    To get this achievement you must defeat your opponent with very little health.

    Start Arcade, pick player 1 as Kilik and player 2 as Nightmare. Use the player 2 pad and use Nightmare's throw + on Kilik. Once Kilik is on the floor tap so Nightmare hits him on the floor. Repeat until Kilik has the tiniest smidgen of health. Then get back up as Kilik and finish off Nightmare.

  • Perform 25 consecutive bursts with Freestyle set to Guard Impact in Practice Mode

    Practice Mode
    Pick Cervantes and fight Sophitia.
    Freestyle Settings -> Guard Impact -> Repel.
    Then attack with and counter their attack with +
    You'll get Burst1 the first time, then Burst2 and so on all the way to 25.
    You need to continually attack, if you stop the Burst counter will reset.

  • Explore the different areas in the Museum

    When on the main menu scroll down until you see museum when you are on the museum menu just go on;
    Art Gallery
    Battle Theater
    Exhibition Theater
    Character Profiles

    And once you have been on all of the listed above in no order the achievement should pop up.

  • Perform the move Summon Suffering with Ivy


    There are three easy ways to do this;
    1. Set the difficult to easy, Life bar to infinite (∞), Round time to infinite. Now you can keep trying the move without having to worry about the time limit or getting knocked out.

    2. Another easy way is to set up two controllers, go to vs mode with only you playing, turn neutral block off, play as Ivy, do the move. It takes a few tries, but at least you can get it unopposed.

    3. Set up a Versus match, with infinite time/health if you feel you need to. As soon as the match starts pause it, go into the control settings, and change one of your buttons to + (meaning when you press that button it will be as if you're pressing two). Now to do the move just rotate the stick a few times -- clockwise if Ivy is on the left of her opponent or counter clockwise if she's on the right -- and press the + button after you've got a few rotations in.

  • Beat Arcade Mode with all characters

    This achievement is easier than it seems, just beat arcade mode with all 19 characters on any difficulty. To beat arcade mode super fast just set the difficulty to easy and the round limit to 1 and you should do arcade in about 1-2 minutes with each character.

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