An Apple A Day Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • An Apple A Day



    Find an Apple

    How to unlock An Apple A Day

    After unlocking Cargo Catcher (25G), you are instructed to grab an apple and a milk pouch from the HTV supplies.

    Once in the “Harmony” module (either traversing through the station following the blue circle markers or teleporting there), follow the yellow diamond marker to a newly opened hatch in the floor. Float down into the new module and interact with the HTV containers on the walls; one will contain an apple and another a filled milk pouch.

    To use them, press button-menu.png then go to the ‘Inventory’ option. Select ‘Apple’ and press button-a.png to eat it. Open your inventory again, select ‘Filled Milk Pouch’ and press button-a.png to drink it. You will then be prompted to watch a video on your tablet about your bones and nutrition. Press button-menu.png again then go to the ‘Videos’ option. Select ‘Bones’ and press button-a.png. You will then watch a 40 second (unskippable) video clip about why nutrition is important in space. Once the video ends, the achievement will unlock.

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