Book Worm Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Book Worm



    Read the six blue books

    How to unlock Book Worm

    Found throughout the space station are six blue books, labeled ‘Activities’. All that needs to be done is to locate them then press button-a.png to “read” them.

    The books’ locations are as follows:
    1. “Harmony” - Node 2 (starting module): ‘How Far Can Germs Spread?’ (floating to the upper left of the hatch before entering “Columbus”)
    2. “Columbus” - European Lab (to the left of “Harmony”): ‘What Do You See?’ (floating to the left above the hatch as you enter the module)
    3. “Destiny” - US Lab: ‘Can You Get To The Core Of The Problem?’ (floating to the upper left of the hatch after leaving “Harmony”)
    4. “Destiny” - US Lab: ‘What Does Your Inner Ear Do?’ (floating to the upper right of the hatch before entering “Unity”)
    5. “Unity” - Node 1: ‘Can You Give Your Heart A Workout?’ (floating to the lower right of the hatch before crawling through the tight access way to “Zarya”)
    6. “Tranquility” - Node 3 (to the right of “Unity”): ‘Why Is It Important To Have Good Bone Density?’ (floating to the upper left while facing the toilet)
    Note: If you don’t want to traverse around the station, you can press button-menu.png, select the ‘Map’ option, select the module you want then press button-a.png to teleport to it.

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