Cargo Catcher Achievement in Space Science Investigations

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    Berth the HTV

    How to unlock Cargo Catcher

    After unlocking In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze (25G), you are instructed to return to the Cupola to retrieve and berth the HTV. Here you will be controlling a robotic arm in order to dock the HTV with the station.

    Once in the “Tranquility” module (either traversing through the station following the blue circle markers or teleporting there), float down to the adjoining module (below the ARED machine) into the Cupola. Interact with the Robotic Workstation and you will begin another mini-game where you use the thumb sticks and bumpers to control the robotic arm to the HTV. Looking at the right-hand screen, use analog-right.png to adjust the robotic arm to line up with a black snare coupler on the HTV then hold rb.png to move the arm forward until it successfully docks.

    When that is done, ground control will move the HTV into position so you can berth/dock it with the station. When it is in position, hold lb.png to move it towards the station. Looking at the right-hand screen, just make sure that the red circle is lined up with the circle on the HTV. Once the procedure is finished, the achievement will unlock.

    Note: If you fail the coupling mini-game three times, ground control will take over. This achievement will unlock whether you do the coupling or they do it.

    Refer to [19:05] in Maka’s walkthrough video on how to complete this mini-game easily.

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