Earth Gazer Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Earth Gazer



    Open the Cupola

    How to unlock Earth Gazer

    After unlocking Shutterbug (25G) (and Cut The Feed (200G) if you looked through the camera a second time), we need to open the windows of the Cupola, which is in the “Tranquility” - Node 3 module. You can either follow the blue circle markers or teleport there by pressing button-menu.png, selecting the ‘Map’ option, selecting that module then pressing button-a.png.

    Once in the “Tranquility” module, float down to the adjoining module (below the ARED machine); this is the Cupola. When you enter, you will see 7 yellow diamond markers. Press button-a.png on each marker to open all the windows which will unlock the achievement.

    Note: While you are doing this, you will blink a couple of times and a message will appear that says you might be feeling another symptom of microgravity. You are instructed to retrieve the glasses in “Harmony” - Node 2. Refer to To See Or Not To See (25G) for more information.

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