Home Sweet Home Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Home Sweet Home



    Get oriented with the layout of the ISS

    How to unlock Home Sweet Home

    To get oriented, you have to visit all of the modules in the first section of the ISS (before you crawl through the tight access way). Each module is identified with a yellow diamond marker, so just float through all the required modules to unlock this.

    The modules required:
    • “Harmony” - Node 2 (starting point)
    • “Columbus” - European Lab
    • “Kibo” - Japanese Experiment Module (JEM)
    • ELM - Japanese Experiment Logistics Module
    • “Destiny” - US Lab
    • “Unity” - Node 1
    • “Quest” - Airlock
    • “Tranquility” - Node 3
    • “Leonardo” - Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM)

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