Mission Complete Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Mission Complete



    Complete all tasks

    How to unlock Mission Complete

    There are 16 tasks to complete. You will complete all of them just by progressing through the game after the tutorial's Welcome Aboard (50G). Each task is unlocked by completing the previous one; there is never more than one task available at any given time.
    1. Orientation (Home Sweet Home (25G))
    2. Find Sickness Bag
    3. Watch the Vestibular video (Vomit Comet (25G))
    4. Prepare for HTV arrival (Shutterbug (25G))
    5. Perform Face Exam
    6. Watch the Cardiovascular video (Space Face (25G))
    7. Open the Cupola Windows (Earth Gazer (25G))
    8. Find Glasses
    9. Watch the Vision video (To See Or Not To See (25G))
    10. Find and Use the ARED
    11. Watch the Muscle video (No Pain, No Gain (25G))
    12. Find Medication
    13. Watch the Immune video (In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze (25G))
    14. Berth the HTV (Cargo Catcher (25G))
    15. Get an Apple and a Milk Pouch
    16. Watch the Bone video (An Apple A Day (50G))
    There are 9 other miscellaneous achievements that you can unlock while either performing the tasks above or waiting until after you earn this achievement. Other achievements, to name a few, are for reading six books, finding certain items, or visiting every module in the station. For a complete list, refer to the roadmap.

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