No Pain, No Gain Achievement in Space Science Investigations

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    Watch the Muscle video

    How to unlock No Pain, No Gain

    After unlocking To See Or Not To See (25G), it is recommended that you help your fellow crewmate with their exercise session. Return to the “Tranquility” module (either traversing through the station following the blue circle markers or teleporting there). Once there, interact with the ARED machine and you will play an exercise mini-game by pressing button-a.png when a moving arrow marker passes over white markers on a bar. Once the exercise is complete, you will be graded on your performance although your score does not matter.

    When you back out, you will be prompted to watch a video on your tablet about muscle loss while in space. Press button-menu.png again then go to the ‘Videos’ option. Select ‘Muscle’ and press button-a.png. You will then watch a 35 second (unskippable) video clip about muscle atrophy and the importance of exercise. Once the video ends, the achievement will unlock.

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