Principal Investigator Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Principal Investigator



    Visit 10 weblinks

    How to unlock Principal Investigator

    After you complete the tutorial (unlocking Welcome Aboard (50G)), open your tablet by pressing button-menu.png. Select the lower left option labeled ‘More Info’. You are given 12 links, all of which give general information about the ISS and being/working in space. For each link you select, it will open in the console’s Microsoft Edge browser. After the page loads up in the browser, press button-b.png to return to the game and select another link.

    Once you have selected 10 of the 12 links, the achievement will unlock.

    The links provided are:
    1. Bag of Bones - Osteoporosis
    2. Skeletal System - Educator
    3. Skeletal System - Student
    4. The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge
    5. Pumping Up the Stress
    6. Get a Leg Up - Fluid Shift - Educator
    7. Get a Leg Up - Fluid Shift - Student
    8. Microgravity Effects On Human Physiology: Immune System - Educator
    9. Microgravity Effects On Human Physiology: Immune System - Student
    10. Vestibular-Ocular Reflex
    11. Astronaut Requirements
    12. Work at NASA

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