Shutterbug Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Shutterbug



    Prepare for the HTV arrival

    How to unlock Shutterbug

    This is a multi-step achievement.

    After unlocking Vomit Comet (25G), you are instructed to retrieve the camera and install it in the WORF to get some pictures of the HTV. You can either follow the blue circle markers to the Zvezda - Service Module or teleport there by pressing button-menu.png, selecting the ‘Map’ option, selecting that module then pressing button-a.png.

    In the Zvezda module, pick up one of the cameras then return to the “Destiny” module (either traversing through the station following the blue circle markers or teleporting there). Once there, install the camera at the orange objective marker (on the floor) by pressing button-a.png then selecting ‘Camera’ from your inventory. Once you do this, you need to unlock Space Face (25G) before returning to the WORF to conclude the achievement.

    After unlocking Space Face (25G), you will be instructed to return to the WORF to get some pictures of the HTV. Interact with the camera and the view will change to that of Earth. While looking through the camera, there will be white frame lines in the center of the screen. Eventually, you will see the HTV moving across the screen from left to right. When the frame lines turn green, you can take a picture. We need three pictures, so press button-a.png three times and the achievement will unlock.

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