Space Face Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Space Face



    Watch the Cardiovascular video

    How to unlock Space Face

    After placing the camera in the WORF (see Shutterbug (25G)), you will be told about your cardiovascular system. Follow the blue circle marker to the “Harmony” - Node 2 module (one away from your current location) and just after passing through the hatch is an alcove with an orange objective marker. Interact with the picture and you will be told to watch another video before returning to the WORF.

    Press button-menu.png to open your tablet then go to the ‘Videos’ option. Select ‘Cardiovascular’ and press button-a.png. You will then watch a 50 second (unskippable) video clip as to how space affects your heart and your body. Once the video ends, the achievement will unlock.

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