Station Explorer Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Station Explorer



    Visit every module in The Station

    How to unlock Station Explorer

    To unlock this, you need to visit every module in both sections of the ISS. In addition to the modules listed in Home Sweet Home (25G), crawl through the tight access way to the second section of the station. The modules required are not identified with a yellow diamond marker, so at every junction, enter the adjoining module.

    The modules required:
    • Those listed in Home Sweet Home (25G)
    • Rassvet - Mini Research Module 1 (MRM1) (three connecting modules)
    • Zarya - Functional Cargo Block (FGB)
    • Pirs - Docking Compartment
    • Poisk - Mini Research Module 2 (MRM2) (the Soyuz - Spacecraft is not required as the hatch is closed)
    If the achievement doesn’t unlocked, visit the final module:
    • Zvezda - Service Module (where the camera is located)

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