Vomit Comet Achievement in Space Science Investigations

  • Vomit Comet



    Watch the Vestibular video

    How to unlock Vomit Comet

    At some point while floating, you will become ill and start to dry heave. When this happens, you are instructed to acquire a sickness bag. They are located in a stowage rack (grey wall) in the “Leonardo” - Permanent Multipurpose Module (adjoining the “Tranquility” - Node 3 module [where the toilet is]). Follow the blue circle markers to the module, press button-a.png on the stowage rack then press button-a.png again on the sickness bag to add it to your inventory.

    To use it, press button-menu.png then go to the ‘Inventory’ option. Select ‘Sickness Bag’ and press button-a.png. You will then be prompted to watch a video on your tablet about your vestibular system. Press button-menu.png again then go to the ‘Videos’ option. Select ‘Vestibular’ and press button-a.png. You will then watch a 30 second (unskippable) video clip as to why you may be feeling sick. Once the video ends, the achievement will unlock.

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