- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 40 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100050+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.5 [See below]
- Number of missable achievements: Yes 38 achievements
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Spectral Force 3 is a JRPG much like Zoids AssaultOperation Darkness, or the concept of any Tactic based RPG. You have a numbers of characters that level up, upgrade equipment, and have dialogue. There are many an opportunity to procure more party members during your playthrough based off of conditional fights. It has moderately fun game play with a sharper learning curve than the aforementioned titles. This game is far less forgiving achievement wise but is well worth a play if you enjoy RPG's.

Firstly ALL achievements unlock after the mission is complete and you have saved the game.

The game consists of "Find Work" tasks, Missions, and Dialogue. To best prepare there are 1.5 playthroughs required, Where in you will destroy the Nameless Army then the Underworld army in your first playthrough, but NOT Overlord Army(for "Al" see below). And the inverse will be done on your second playthrough, Underworld and then Nameless. 

Your mercenary rank will not carry over to your second playthrough, which is required for some character recruitments, neither will characters recruited, or the character levels. All you keep for your second playthrough is money and items. To raise your rank complete missions in fewest turns possible with high combo hit count and damage done with 0 retreats and you should get an A. You will need many A rank missions to recruit many different characters.

The order in which you destroy the other armies plays no affect,except with characters "Break" and "Al", but to recruit everyone Flauster and Shilineeg must be preserved until they are the only two armies left. The computer can also destroy armies so keeping multiple saves is advised as thus in case you need to revert.

  • World Map (current/ every Month)
  • During Preparation
  • World Map (every 3 Months)
  • World Map (every 6 Months)
  • End game save or World map (every year)

If the Computer destroys underworld or nameless armies out of the order you seek, reload your save and instead complete work for the army that was destroyed, this should prevent their destruction. Most work however I completed leading with Flauster.

Focus all funding on upgrading your character weapons between missions, this can be accessed through the smithy option and requires materials and money to upgrade weapons. Upgrade your favorite characters with the gear you get from recruiting other members. They won't be using it unless you bring them to the mission so there is no point on equipping everyone

Check the Converse option at the world map screen after EVERY mission. It only takes a few seconds and all dialogue in game can be skipped if you desire it so.

Casters with a high enough INT stat can be power leveled by grouping your party into a cross or "X" formation and casting buff spells such as lightning wings or protective barrier, which can be crafted through the blacksmith. Equip it to your caster and spam it during combat. This is useful for leveling a character you will need for an upcoming mission that requires you to bring along specific characters.

Use Battle formation attacks (see below) often to knock out the achievement.
You can speed up the movement of all actions both AI and player by holding down the  button thus exponentially cutting down playtime.

Missable Achievements: 
All but two achievements I would technically say are missable. The two you likely can't miss are "Culcha" and Total Enemies Defeated." "Culcha" is a story related mission and she joins your party automatically upon completion. "Total Enemies should come naturally, with ease, about a third of the way through the game, assuming you aim to obtain a 1k.

For "Battle Formations," "Max Combo Hits," "Total Damage," and "S rank" see the below descriptions, everything else works as thus.

Complete missions when they are available, Always check for dialogue options, and resort to the above posted guide or the descriptions below for help or tips. Do "Find Work" tasks when there are no longer missions available.

[XBA would like to thank h4mm32 for this Roadmap]

Spectral Force 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • 「戦陣」発動50回達成

    Battle formations are learned about 1/5th of the way through the game. They can only be used at the beginning of a players turn, you will move to the enemy you wish to attack and you'll notice the option to use BF by hitting the  button. It can only be used directly next to an enemy and requires "assist" attacks or "teamwork" attacks. In order to do those Diaz must be alive and not knocked down and can be accessed when based on the squares at the bottom left of the screen. One full square allows for an assist, worth 5 gauge points. Two allow for a Teamwork attack worth 10 Gauge points. build up to 25/50/75/100 respectively in order to perform stronger BF attacks. When you have completed 50 BF attacks save and this will be yours.

  • 敵の総撃破数「500」体達成

    This should come naturally through the course of game play, kill things. It should unlock upon saving.

  • 任務中のコンボ数「100」達成

    As you progress your characters (around level 32) you will gain a tech 3 attack that covers a large area attacking many foes sometimes multiple times at once on each enemy. Begina's Crescent Edge, Culcha's Orc feast...meat...toss...something , and Orochimaru's Dragon attack are 3 that will help you get this easily. If you open with Begina's, on 5 targets simultaneously, you will get an Eighty Five hit combo. Use your teamwork attack to control Culcha or Orochimaru and follow with their tech 3 attack. These will fill your battle gauge quickly as well as fill your BF attack bar allowing for a powerful finisher almost always doing more than 15k damage from just culcha and begina and 125+ hits.

  • 任務中のトータルダメージ「10000」ポイント達成

    Following the above method for max combo should net you both the combo and the damage achievements at once. Save and it's yours.

  • 任務評価「S」ランクを1回取得

    The criteria for achieving an S rank are as such

    • Diaz must be level 40 or greater
    • You must use TWO 100 power BF attacks
    • Both 100 power BF attacks must be cast AFTER a 100+ hit combo
    • No one can retreat or "die" during the mission
    • The mission must have 20 enemies or more, Destroy Underworld and destroy Nameless are great missions to do this.
    • Take as many turns as you need to build up BF attacks to 100.
    • Easy mode: Heal your party, Build up Battle gauge using FG up 1/2/3, Cast a teamwork even if you do nothing after you use it and get BF to 80. wait for Begina's turn use crescent edge on Four or more enemies, Teamwork Culcha Use her tech 3, Teamwork any one that can get to an enemy within one square, you should be at bf 100 use it and do it one more time. Finish the mission.
  • 不明




    This mission "Prodigy of Blaze" will require the mercenary king rank to be available. Keep Hiro alive and complete the mission.

  • ザキフォンの入団

    The mission "Possible Pursuers" requires the licensed rank and will be available after completing the Story related mission Hunt the fiends. Keep him alive and complete the mission.

  • チク




    The mission "Gun Obsession" will become available after you have Fuya and Shimazwei in your party, one of their weapons has been upgraded to level 9, and you have conversed with Shimazwei at the world map. Move Fuya or Shimazawei close to Chic and a conversation will start. Keep him alive and finish the mission.

  • クリスの入団

    The mission "Because it's Midnight!" will become available after defeating Epsiloia and completing Unidentified Monsters 2. Group your party inside the four red squares, healers at the back, at the start and keep the other two characters close. Keep Chris from entering those squares for 10 turns and he will join.

  • ランジェの入団

    The mission "A Wave of Ghosts" will become available after defeating Epsiloia and completing Unidentified Monsters 2. Keep her alive by killing the ghosts and finish the mission.

  • マユラの入団

    The mission "Sasquatch Rampage" will be available after completing "Supply Lines to the Desert". Mayura appears after turn 3 or 4 so don't kill all the sasquatch before then. Move Begina to Mayura, and a dialogue will begin. Keep her alive and finish the mission.

  • スガタの入団

    The mission "Terror in the Tundra" will be available after recruiting Lamia and Mayura and completing Unidentified Monsters 2. It will require they go with you on this mission. Attack sugata ignoring the other groups, defeat her and she will join you.

  • ラミアの入団

    The mission "Suspicious Neighbors" will be available after you have recruited Mayura and conversed with her. After you kill the two troops, move Mayura over to Lamia at the beginning of the battle and she will leave and join you once you finish the mission.

  • 大蛇丸の入団

    The mission "Hiryu of the Far East" will be available after completing Unidentified Monsters 2 and recruiting Rengeki. Rengeki, Eunice, and Culcha all must be with you and move to Orochimaru to start a conversation, in that order. Finish the mission keeping Hototogisu and Orochimaru alive and they will both join your party.

  • 蓮撃




    The mission "Wandering Samurai" will become available after recruiting Culcha and being the "high mercenary" rank. Your allies can't drop below 10% hp. Get them to the specified two red squares opposite your starting position on a small raised platform. After completing the missions Rengeki will talk to you choose "We are mercenaries" and then "I don't mind" as the second option and he should join you.

  • 不如帰の入団

    Hototogisu will join your party with Orochimaru during "Hiryu of the East" just keep her alive.

  • 不明





    The mission "Dark Royalty" is available after having recruited Little Snow. I was also a "Gale star" rank and I think a conversation was available with Little Snow. You needn't worry about jadou as he's nigh invincible in this mission just kill all the soldiers and keep Snow and Begina alive. Be patient this is likely your last achievement.

  • リトル・スノーの入団

    The mission "Snow Queen" is available after reaching Gale Star, destroying the Overlord army, finishing the story mission Hunt the Fiends, and a conversation with Eunice at world map. Keep Snow alive and finish the mission for this one. Some people have reported the mission not showing up. I can say that upon these conditions it was available in both my playthroughs.

  • アル




    The mission "The Battle God" will be available after destroying the Nameless army followed by the Underworld army but the Overlord army must NOT be destroyed. If the computer destroyed them in this order the mission will still be available, Hunt the Fiends mission must be completed as well. Work your party towards her and stay with her.You will be ambushed from behind, just keep her alive. Once you recruit her you may destroy the Overlord army.

  • ブレイクの入団

    The mission "Soul Sinner" will be available after you have destroyed the Underworld Army before the Nameless army, it was also available at the Gale Star rank for me. The mission will still be available if both are destroyed in that order however. Stick with Break near the beginning as you will be ambushed from behind. Keep him alive and complete the mission.

  • カルチャの入団

    The mission "The Problem with Goblins" will be a story mission. You must destroy 10 goblins You can kill big Mama as your 10th kill for extra loot and Culcha will still join. Don't attack Culcha, she will attack you if you go after the chests. Finish the mission and she will join after a dialogue.

  • リーガルリリーの入団

    The mission "A Royal Request" will be available after you destroy the Elf Alliance, complete Unidentified Monsters 2, and a conversation with Eunice at the world map. When the mission starts a dark elf caster will be north east of your position when you attack the priest it will turn to Regal Lily she will continue to attack you and summon more troops do not kill her. Kill the other troops and stay alive. When the mission is over choose the "of course" dialogue option.

  • ルリア・プルの入団

    The missions "Mixed Blood" will be available after destroying the Elf Alliance, finishing Unidentified Monsters 2, and a conversation with Dragan at world map. Move Dragan to her to initiate a conversation then finish the mission keeping her alive.

  • プリムローズの入団

    The mission "Imprisoned Sorcerer" will be available after you create one steel breastplate. You will need to bring Eunice, keep her alive and finish the mission.

  • マーガレットの入団

    The mission "Hunt Elves" will be available being High mercenary rank, completing Unidentified Monsters 1, and after destroying Elf Alliance. Destroy all the enemies including her, I killed her last, accept her into your group when given the choice.

  • フォルトの入団

    The mission "Pure Heart" will be available after having recruited Rato, Kiratt, Rimm, and Anita. The mission will require you to take Rato, Kiratt, Anita, Rimm, Begina, and Diaz. Work your party towards Folt and Tina at the beginning of the mission and keep them alive. Finish the mission and they will both join you.

  • ティナの入団

    The mission "Pure Heart' will net you this and will be completed at the same time as Folt.

  • ラト




    The mission "Dragon Jewel" will be available after destroying Meimai knights, completing Supply Line in the Desert, and being High Mercenary rank. Complete the mission by defeating Rato and she will join your party.

  • リム




    The mission "Aid Local Commerce" will be available when Meimai has been destroyed and after completing Supply Line in the Desert. Just keep her alive and finish the mission and she will join your party.

  • アニータの入団

    The mission "Financial Offer" will be available after Meimai knights have been destroyed and after Supply Line in the Desert. In order to recruit Anita you will have to perform a 21 hit combo, this can be done using the teamwork attacks. a good combo early in the game is to wait for 2 enemies to line up and attack them with Cassius from the front to get penetration combos and Dragan from the back to knock the one into the other using his hard attack knockback. End the combo with a Battle formation from a third character and you should easily be above 21. Kill the enemies and finish the mission and she will join your party.

  • キラットの入団

    The mission "Retrieve the Baubles" will be available when you have destroyed Meimai knights and completed the story mission Supply Line in the Desert. The treasure you need to acquire for the mission is in the chest in the pit to the northwest of the starting position. Kiratt will move to the closest enemies so follow with her. If you open any of the chests it will spawn another group of enemies. Keep Dragan and her alive and finish the mission.

  • 7代ハマオウの入団

    The mission "Wasted Talent" will be available after reaching Gale Star rank and finishing Unidentified Monsters 2. Finish the mission keeping Begina and Hamaou alive.

  • トリックブルーの入団

    The mission "Rare Minerals" will become available after completing Supply Line in the Desert. The chest at the top of the screen is the one you need to open for the mission completion. Choose to give him the item, when the dialogue appears, and he will join the party.

  • イヌオウの入団

    The mission "The Strongest?" will be available after you complete Supply Line in the Desert. Move over to him and keep him alive. Chances are, at this point, he will be able to handle himself but it's better to be safe. Upon mission completion he will join.

  • ルーチェの入団

    The mission "Minstrel" will be available after Epsiloia knights have been destroyed, you have completed Unidentified Monsters 2, and reached Gale Star rank. Keep her alive and finish the mission and she will join.

  • ギュフィ2世の入団

    The mission "The Hope of a Kingdom" will be available after completing Unidentified Monsters 2. As you start to cross the river a group of enemies will spawn but get your party across as quick as possible while retreating, and healing, from the initial 4 enemies. They will target you and thus keep Gyufee safe. Keep him alive and kill all enemies to finish the mission.

  • シーマツヴァイの入団

    The mission "A Former Key Figure" will be available after Supply Line to the Desert and a conversation with Cassius at the world map. work your way around the bridges and get your party close to Shimazwei for a dialogue to start. He will join your party after.

  • マリマーの入団

    The mission "Brownie" will be available after destroying Malimar knights and Unidentified Monsters 2 has been completed. Complete the mission keeping him alive as normal and he will join your party.

  • フーヤの入団

    The mission "Two of a Kind" will be available after recruiting Shimazwei, the Malimar knights have been destroyed, and completing Supply Line to the Desert. Shimazwei is required for this mission as you will need to move him close to Fuya for a dialogue to begin. Finish the mission keeping him alive and he will join.

  • ニャンの入団

    The mission "What Lurks in the Forest?" will be available after Supply Line in the Desert has been completed and the Malimar knights have been destroyed. Eunice must be in your party for this mission. Complete this by destroying 3-4 waves of enemies and she will join the party.....and of course she must live.

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