The hammer falls Achievement

  • The hammer falls



    Defeat Hammerhead on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Hammerhead starts on a turret gun. It's best to stay in the shadows in the back of the area. You can just circle around until he doesn't see you, then run behind him and press . Just do this 3 times.

    Final Encounter: You will want to throw an object at Hammerhead and move in front of one of the generators. He'll shoot it with a heavier weapon and it'll explode causing lots of dust to be everywhere. Use your Spider Sense and get above and behind him. Press when prompted to attack. Do this 3 times total. Now the last part, you need to cause him to run into a wall to disorient him. Once that happens, again press when prompted near him.

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  • The first time you come to Hammerhead, he'll be on a gattling gun. To attack him, stay behind the walls and out of the spotlight. Get behind him and you'll be prompted by a B and you'll take a third of his health. The last time, you'll be in a room with him with 3 machines pumping out smoke. Throw a barrel or box at him with and then again, then he'll start shooting fiery things at you. Make him shoot one of the machines. When he has shot it, press right away and zipline above. He'll be somewhere in the smoke and you need to get behind him to press B. Continue to do this 2 more times, and then he'll be almost dead. Stay on the ground for the last bit and continue to dodge him until he runs into a wall. Once he runs into a wall, beat him until there's no more health and then you'll do fi
  • Once he runs into a wall, beat him until there's no more health and then you'll do first person fighting.

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