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    Defeat Goblin on any difficulty level

    1st Encounters: All of the first encounters for Goblin are punch sequences. There are a few of them and they are all the same and extremely easy.

    Final Encounter: Rotate around Goblin avoiding his attacks until he stops to take a breath. Circle around to his back and attack with . Lights will eventually turn off and you'll be above him. Get close enough to trigger the sequence. The next phase will have him using a pillar. Avoid it by dodging backwards, and when he does an overhead swing you need to rush behind him and attack his back again. There will be another takedown sequence when the lights go out. Now you will be facing Goblin along with several enemies. Hold the whole time, dodging them and Goblin. He will finish them all off as you attempt to get a few hits on him here and there. Once they are gone, keep fighting as normal. When he throws the pillar at you, stay away from him as he will use very damaging attacks and it's best to just avoid him. Eventually he will pick up another pillar, and you can finish him off using the previous method.

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  • Not that hard but can be annoying when he summons the mob of thugs
  • How do you make Hammerhead break the columns, as per the web of destiny?
  • You only fight Goblin once, though he'll go through different stages, 3 to be exact. The first stage, be sure to use and so you can jump over him and pound away at his back. Keep doing this and stay away from his front and his yellow breath. In between each stage the lights will turn off and there will be spotlights going around. Make sure you stay in the shadows and press the button to perform a takedown when you can. The second stage, he'll start going for these wooden things sticking out of the ground to use them as bats. They're easy to avoid, so just do that with and and pound away at his back when the bat gets stuck in the ground. Once he gets low enough, the lights will turn off and you should proceed with what you did before.
  • The third stage, he'll have a bunch of minions. Don't worry though, they're pretty much harmless if you stay focused on Goblin. He'll go for the bats again, so keep doing what you've been doing and you should beat him with no problem. If you die however, you'll go right back to the beginning of the fight.

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