-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 42 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+ (Though difficulties stack, it would not be possible to complete the Web of Destiny, collect all hidden spiders, manage the random achievements, complete all upgrades, and get all platinum ranks on hard while beating each level under par time).
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements ? No, the costume cheats do not disable them. Follow this thread HERE to find out how to unlock a few suits early. You can also check the marketplace to purchase additional content such as costumes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, the game must be beaten on hard mode and platinum rankings can only be obtained on hard mode. The difficulty achievements stack.
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements? No
-Extra equipment needed? No

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is an extremely straight forward game for achievements. A lot of the points come from just beating the game and playing through normally. The game has 13 levels and a very good level select system (you can pick what difficulty you want before each level). Each level deals with one main boss and the game trades off with 4 different Spider-Mans from different dimensions. There is upgrading in the game with a system refered to as essence. You gain it by defeating enemies, collecting emblems scattered around, and by getting bonus from your rankings. You'll have to replay some of the levels a few times, but it will get easier as you play.

Step 1: Easy Playthrough
First you'll want to play through the game on easy. This will allow you to get all challenges done, find all hidden spiders, and gain all miscellaneous achievements without much worry on dying a lot. This will also let you figure out boss battles before you attempt them at a harder difficulty. You will not have enough points to obtain all upgrades even after a full playthrough.

The below achievements are ones you will want to read about before playing the game so you know ahead of time what to do and which levels to do them on.

*Two Hundo
*Missed Me
*Close Call
*The Spider's Shadow
*The Spider's Bite
*The Spider's Grace
*The Spider's Web

Step 2 Hard Playthrough and Platinum Ranks
Your character should be pretty upgraded by now. Start playing on hard mode, collecting the minimum amount of emblems, trying to beat par time, and using Eight-Legged Fury on most enemies (see the "spectacular!!!" achievement for goals). It is a little harder to survive on this mode, so you will hopefully have gotten very used to the way the game handles. It is possible to gain all platinums in one try on most of the levels. You can always quit to the main menu and then go to the continue option if you wish to reset your time to the last checkpoint if you were doing poorly. You can skip a level for the platinum rankings, since only 12 of 13 are required. You'll also want to remember, you can avoid a lot of different fights and it's suggested you do so to save time.

Step 3 Mop up
After you're done beating the game on hard, you should only have a few more platinum ranks to get. Anything else you haven't done, such as Web of Destiny, hidden spiders, or other misc. achievements, you can just play on easy again with a fully upgraded Spider-Man and get anything you missed with ease.

The only thing making this game remotely challenging is the platinum rankings on hard mode. Everything else is straightforward and easy. Playing the levels numerous times and knowing the strategies to fight the various enemies will really help you finish this game. Being fully upgraded is a plus as well.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Roadmap]

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Achievement Guide

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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete all levels on Easy


    See "Hard Pressed" achievement description.

  • Complete all levels on Normal


    See "Hard Pressed" achievement description.

  • Complete all levels on Hard

    All of the difficulty achievements stack. It's best to play on easy though to gain all of your upgrades to help you with getting platinum rankings. There are a total of 13 levels split up into 3 acts. The tutorial has no difficulty setting and only needs to be played once. There are a decent amount of checkpoints in the game, the only problem you may face are the bosses. Check the secret achievements for strategies to beat each boss. Collect emblems for life if you're low and skip as many enemies as you want, since most are not required to be defeated.

  • Complete the Tutorial

    This is the very first mission in the game, and will be your first achievement as well. You must continue this in order to carry on with the game, and it can be replayed if you really want to try it agian. No achievements can be gained in the tutorial, other than this one.

  • Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level

    Story related, can't be missed. Beat the following levels to complete the act.

    1. Kraven
    2. Hammerhead
    3. Hobgoblin
    4. Electro

  • Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level

    Story related, can't be missed. Beat the following levels to complete the act.

    5. Sandman
    6. Vulture
    7. Scorpion
    8. Deadpool

  • Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level

    Story related, can't be missed. Beat the following levels to complete the act.

    9. Juggernaught
    10. Goblin
    11. Dr. Octopus
    12. Carnage

  • Defeat 100 enemies

    See "Ain't no stoppin'!" achievement description.

  • Defeat 500 enemies

    See "Ain't no stoppin'!" achievement description.

  • Defeat 1000 enemies

    You will get this achievement most likely through normal progression of the game, unless you're very good at avoiding most enemy encounters. You will be replaying the levels, some many times, and all of those stats are tracked. If you die, the stats are still saved as well. There is no need to grind this. Also, there is no way to track how many enemies you have defeated. Enemies that kill other enemies will count towards your total amount as well.

  • Complete the Web of Destiny

    Each level has a total of 15 challenges you must do in those levels. There are a total of 180 challenges in the game. Almost all of them are very easy or take little time to complete. You may replay levels to work on different ones if you need to. After you finish a level, almost all of the stats you have in specific challenges will be reset. For example, if you have 1/5 enemies defeated in a certain mode, and do not accomplish it by the time you finish the level, when replaying it, you will have 0/5. Try to grab all of these on your easy playthrough. Check the guide below for a full walkthrough.

    Challenges/Collecibles Guide

  • Collect all Hidden Spiders

    There are a total of 96 Hidden Spiders located through 12 levels in the game. You must collect every one of them for this achievement. Using your spider sense will help you find these, as it makes the spiders glow. Once you have collected them in the game, they vanish forever and they won't show up again when you replay levels. Follow the written and/or video guide in the link below:

    Challenges/Collectible Guide

  • Unlock all Character upgrades

    Purchase all of the Character upgrades in the game. In order to be able to purchase them all, you must complete all 180 of the challenges in the Web of Destiny. You then must have enough essence (currency to buy upgrades) to purchase them all. You can check/buy them in the main menu, or during the game itself by pressing and selecting it, or even by pressing and using and to cycle through. You will not have enough essence to upgrade both Character upgrades and Combat upgrades in one playthrough. You should however get enough money while going for plainum medals on hard mode.

  • Unlock all Combat upgrades

    Purchase all of the Combat upgrades in the game. In order to be able to purchase them all, you must complete at least 160 of the challenges in the Web of Destiny. You then must have enough essence (currency to buy upgrades) to purchase them all. You can check/buy them in the main menu, or during the game itself by pressing and selecting it, or even by pressing and using and to cycle through. You will not have enough essence to upgrade both Character upgrades and Combat upgrades in one playthrough. You should however get enough money while going for plainum medals on hard mode.

  • Execute a 100-hit combo (except the Tutorial)

    See "Two Hundo" achievement description.

  • Execute a 200-hit combo (except the Tutorial)

    The best area to worry about the combo achievements is on the Carnage level. The very first room has a massive amount of enemies that you can get your high combo from. You can jump up and hit to hit many enemies at once, or go into rage mode and attack that way too. You can technically get this is many other places, as the jump attack mentioned doesn't hurt certain enemies. This will be a lot quicker than those other places however.

  • Defeat a boss on any difficulty level without taking damage

    On any boss encounter where you fight a main enemy (the enemy the level is named after), you must not take any damage. If you refill your health, that doesn't count. One of the easiest early fights is the first encounter with Hobgoblin. Hold to keep locked on to him. When he throws a bomb at you press to catch it, then again to throw it at him. When he falls, use the attack to damage him severely. Make sure you always dodge his gust attack when he uses it. It's very easy to dodge. When he gets out two bombs, you'll want to press to shoot some web at him which will make him drop both and a lot of times damage him and make him fall where you can finish him off. There are other boss encounters to do it on as well if you want as long as you learn the boss's attacks.

    Note: You can reload your checkpoint on a boss encounter if you get hit.

  • Recover 10 times from a Critical Fall

    Recovering from a Critical Fall means you are falling to your death. All you need to do is hit when prompted to recover. Jump off any high area that leads to your death, and just keep hitting when prompted until you get the achievement.

  • Complete 4 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

    See "Spectacular!!!" achievement description.

  • Complete 8 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

    See "Spectacular!!!" achievement description.

  • Complete 12 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

    The highest rank is a platinum ranking. The ranks go bronze, silver, gold, then platinum. Platinum is the more whitish medal that you earn, and it can only be earned on hard mode. There are 3 categories the game bases your level rank on, which is combo rating, emblems collected, and clear time. The spider rank is based off of those three, and the only way to get a platinum for the whole level is to get platinum in all 3 seperate ratings. Luckily, the game saves your best stats so you do not have to get all platinums in one run of the level, you can seperte them. I suggest going for combos/emblems on a seperate run than clear time. There are 13 levels you can get platinum rankings on (because of the Mysterio boss stage). This means you only have to get 12 of the 13 levels done with platinum rank.

    Combo Rating: To get this really easily, you'll want to go for the rankings after you have the 8 legged fury combo move. Hold to launch certain enemies into the air, then press . Also try to chain your combos to all enemies. All minimum scores are set to 19,000 points for every level. You can skip as many enemies as you want while going for this.

    Emblems Collection: Use your Spider Sense as you play the entire level. Press to go into this mode. The emblems will be highlighted in a gold hue, and you will be able to see them through walls even. Just collect as many as you can to get a platinum, as not all are required for platinum (check the amount in the list below which is the minimum requirement).

    Clear Time: The clear time is the tougher of the rankings, as boss battles can sometimes take longer than expected if you don't do them perfectly. If it seems like you can pass through an area without killing enemies, do it. If you fight against a boss for a good amount of time, but die, just quit out and then continue again to erase the time you just wasted.

    Kraven: 19,000 Combo - 35 Emblems - 20:00 Clear

    Hammerhead: 19,000 Combo - 20 Emblems - 25:00 Clear

    Hobgoblin: 19,000 Combo - 25 Emblems - 20:00 Clear

    Electro: 19,000 Combo - 45 Emblems - 20:00 Clear

    Sandman: 19,000 Combo - 50 Emblems - 25:00 Clear

    Vulture: 19,000 Combo - 30 Emblems - 35 :00 Clear

    Scorpion: 19,000 Combo - 60 Emblems - 30:00 Clear

    Deadpool: 19,000 Combo - 105 Emblems - 35:00 Clear

    Juggernaught: 19,000 Combo - 60 Emblems - 35:00 Clear

    Goblin: 19,000Combo - 20 Emblems - 35:00 Clear

    Doctor Octopus: 19,000 Combo - 45 Emblems - 35:00 Clear

    Carnage: 19,000 Combo - 45 Emblems - 35:00 Clear

    Mysterio: 19,000 Combo - 12 Emblems - 20:00 Clear

    (Thanks to BradyGames Official Strategy Guide for scoring.)

  • Collect 125 Spider Emblems

    See "Fanatic" achievement description.

  • Collect 250 Spider Emblems

    See "Fanatic" achievement description.

  • Collect 500 Spider Emblems

    The Spider Emblems in the game are not collectibles, but things you collect to give you health and essence (the game's currency). There are a lot of them throughout the game, and when you replay levels they appear again in the same spots. You need to get most of these per level for platinum rankings on hard, so this will come easily while going for the other achievements and through normal progression of the game.

  • Complete a Noir level without triggering an alarm

    The easiest level to do this on is the first level in the Noir dimension (Hammerhead). Take out the guards without raising any alarm which is when they show a little scene where the enemy has squiggles above their head like they are alerted. There will be some red lights on you and a spider symbol showing your last known position. If this happens, quit to the main menu and then select continue. It will load your last checkpoint and you can still get the achievement.

  • Keep Rage Mode active for one minute

    Rage mode will be unlocked while going through the level with Electro. You can only use this on the Ultimate Spider-Man, which is the black symbiot suit. This doesn't have to be for a minute straight, it's just a minute total that you have had this active. It still saves your time, even if you have died. You should be able to easily get this in the level you obtain the power. The bar will not automatically fill up. You must engage in combat to build it. The bar is blue and located under your health. Start it only when it's full by pressing . There are upgrades in the menu associated with this power as well.

  • Complete a 2099 freefall section without taking damage

    You can get this on many of the freefall sections. The freefalls will only occur during the levels you play as Spider-Man from 2099. The first actual freefall is very easy to obtain this achievement on. As you fall, ignore Hobgoblin and rotate around in complete circles to avoid the cars. Then, catch up to him while avoiding things in the tunnels by pressing to dash. Press when close to him and you can ride on him letting him hit everything in front of you. Again, this can be done on any of the freefalls, but this is the very first one you can get the achievement in. It can also be noted, you earn the slow-motion ability (pressing ) while completing this level. You can use this in your freefalls to make this acheivement even easier.

    Alternate Method: Instead, you may just wait until the Scorpion level. The freefall section is very easy and you just have to avoid one main object (for the most part).

  • Defeat 50 enemies using the Amazing Charge Attack

    The Amazing Charge attack is unlocked in the 5th section of upgrades going down (seperated by red lines). It's the first attack on that list after completing enough challenges to unlock that section. It costs 7,000 essence. This move can only be used while playing as Amazing Spider-Man, which is the basic red and blue suited Spider-Man. On any level you use that character, press and hold then release to launch the attack. You must hold it down long enough to see the web circling around Spider-Man's fist. After playing more of the game, you'll unlock stronger versions of this attack (level 2 and 3) which will help you get kills faster then grinding it out early on without them. Get 50 kills with this and the achievement will unlock. You can grind these on the first level on easy if you want. Restarting your checkpoint is okay, as it will still save the stats you earned.


Secret achievements

  • Defeat Kraven on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Hold and when he attacks and your Spider Sense triggers, hit and any direction to avoid it. Now press and keep attacking him. He will eventually jump up on a pole and spiked traps will trigger. You will have to jump and hit to get knock Kraven off the pole. His attacks will get more aggresive but the fight will be the same. You will have to do two fist fight sequences as well within this fight.

    Final Encounter: This fight is a lot like the first one, just keep dodging and attacking when possible. Kraven will be more difficult to hit, but there won't be any interuptions in this fight. Just keep dodging and attacking. He will sometimes jump on the pillars, so knock him off when he does.

  • Defeat Juggernaut on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Dodge Juggernaught when he charges at you and stay on the ground the entire fight. Whenever he takes a quick rest, attack him with . He also will start throwing big objects at you, when he does this he takes an even longer rest, giving you a good amount of time to get in some strong attacks. Never attack him unless he is taking a rest, as it will put you in danger and give you little time to react.

    Final Encounter: After a few punch sequences, you will actually have to face him again similiar to the first encounter. When he jumps high and falls, web swing around to avoid the concrete waves. Circle around him attacking with when he misses with the concrete pound move. Now do the sequence and he should be at half of his life. Now he will do a clap move and vary things up a bit. You should avoid it and get close. You will be able to interupt him in most of his attacks now and you should work on him until his life is gone. You cannot do anything against him when he jumps up and falls down creating the big wave of concrete, so just avoid it.

  • Defeat Sandman on any difficulty level

    This is story related, and can't be missed as you progress through the game.

    1st Encounter: You must throw water barrels at Sandman first, then you may attack. As you weaken him his attacks will start to advance. Once he is wet, attack him and jump over him when he attacks (facing his back). When he is shooting sand at you, it's best to keep avoiding it until he stops.

    2nd Encounter: He will try to crush you with his hands, so move to where the carts full of water barrels are and make his hand smash into them. When his hand looks muddy, attack with strong attacks. When he shoots the balls of sand at you, throw water barrels at him until his head falls near you. Now attack his head.

    Final Encounter: There is a giant sand storm tornado around you and once in a while Sandman's head will pop out. Hit his face (any face) with either brown water barrels or a grey water barrel to make it muddy, then zip over to it and attack with strong attacks. Just keep doing this until he is defeated.

  • Defeat Electro on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Attack him with attacks dodging when needed (mostly jumping up from his shock waves in the middle). When he perches, use the to knock him down on whatever he is on. Attack him in the middle when you see oppurtunity, and don't forget about rage () to make this go by a lot faster.

    2nd Encounter: You'll have to wait until Electro drops his shield to attack. When he starts gaining life from the generators, jump and press to stop him. Repeat these two steps until you take all of his life out.

    Final Encounter: Electro will be a giant now. Wait until one of his hands rests near you and go use the prompt. After a few times you will have to use flying debris to get to the other side where Electro is facing. From here it's more survival, as you avoid his fist attacks as well as the enemies he conjures. After his health is low enough you can use the prompt to finish him.

  • Defeat Deadpool on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: This is a pretty basic fight, just attack and dodge like you would on normal enemies. There are a few emblems to collect if you get low on life, or you can kill the enemies. You can ignore the enemies completely if you want to and still do fine in the fight. When he is standing still, he will have a prompt on him, but it;s a very light damaging move that you end up doing.

    Final Encounter: There are now 3 Deadpools but they all share the same health bar. Each 1/3 of the bar you take down, one will be defeated. Use your + combo to get good range while they surround you, and make sure you dodge the attacks. Each Deadpool attacks differently based on what weapon they have, but in the end they are going to feel about the same as your first battle. There will be times when there will be exploding objects falling from the sky and you must keep climbing the fence to make sure you don't get hit by them.

  • Defeat Carnage on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: The best way to defeat Carnage here is to jump on the two giant engines in the area. When he jumps at you (Spider Sense shows you when) jump away. Now quickly use to kick him into the engine. Keep doing this, and he will change up his pattern and jump off right away before you get a chance. You'll eventually knock him in enough to defeat him.

    Final Encounter: There are two phases you will be rotating through. One of them is protecting the big guys with the flame throwers. Once they have burned through some life, Carnage will go back into regular form and attack you. You must dodge constantly and attack with or anything else you see fit. He is hard to dodge and it's hard to distinguish sometimes when it's safe to attack. He will grab you sometimes and drain your life. You must hit as fast as you can to get out. Once you've had his symbiote shield burned about 3 times, you will have defeated him.

  • Defeat Hobgoblin on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: When Hobglobin throws bombs at you, just press to catch them with your web, and :again to throw it back. Locking on helps. When he takes out two bombs, he should be above the solid ground. Press to shoot webs and make him drop them. This will damage him heavily. When he is on the ground, use strong attacks against him.

    2nd Encounter: For this fight you just need to throw the bombs back at him while avoiding/fighting off the various enemies attacking you.

    3rd Encounter: Again, you will just be throwing his bombs back at him. There are a decent amount of enemies that fight you at once, so just jump in the air and try to throw the bombs back as best you can. Defeating enemies here is not a requirement to continue on.

    Final Encounter: When the red creatures appear, defeat them quickly. Hobgoblin regenerates health during this time. Shooting web at him to make him drop the bombs will no longer help you. You will have to either jump or slow down time and just throw one of the bombs back instead. Sometimes during this fight he will land and a surge of energy will radiate from him. Jump and press to web kick him at this point. Now you will be able to continue attacking.

  • Defeat Scorpion on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: When Scorpion is charging you, rotate around him pressing to dodge his attacks. His tail will get stuck in the ground, which is your chance to use strong attacks on him. When he latches on to parts of the environment above you, throw the acid eggs at him that he creates then run up to him and press near him. These are really the only moves you have to worry about this easy fight.

    Final Encounter: You will want to stay in the pit until there's acid down there. Dodge Scorpion when he attacks and then use strong attacks while he sits there. After a little bit there will be acid on the ground. Zip Web to the area above the pit. Use the acid eggs he creates against him. You will continue to do this, the fight will move between high and low and he will change his attack pattern a little bit, but you should still be using the same dodge/strong attack tactics. Once you've successfully thrown the eggs 3 times at him, it will end the battle.

  • Defeat Doc Ock on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Not really much of a boss encounter, she's in a giant mechanical arm. Just stand on the lighted circle and move when the arm is about to smash you. Run up the disabled arm for the prompt. Do it once more and you're done.

    2nd Encounter: Same as the first, but with enemies.

    Final Encounter: There are 3 things you must pull out from the machine in the middle where Dr. Octopus is (use slow motion for help). Right when you've done that and the force field is down, jump and do a swing kick into her. Now web swing around the level avoiding her as much as you can. She will stop again in the middle. Jump and do another web kick attack just as a giant amount of energy shoots over the floow in a circular pattern. Use the prompt now to hurt her. Keep repeating the steps as needed. The final phase is when she shoots a laser beam at you while enemies attack. Either defeat the enemies or just let them get killed by the laser. Throw the purple spheres they drop at Dr. Octopus until she's out of health.

  • Defeat Vulture on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Here you will be mostly using strong attacks against him while dodging his attacks. When he jumps up above in the dark, use the spot lights to automatically shine them on him (as long as he is close in that area). You will do some auto-attacks on him. Repeat until he is defeated.

    Final Encounter: This battle is a lot like the first one. Shoot web at him to make him drop his moltovs when he is throwing them, if they hit under him he can be damaged a lot. Follow him around keeping your Spider-Sense on. Use the spot light when you can, and you will have to find him as he runs away. Attack him with strong attacks. When he starts attacking you, roll out of the way and attack.

  • Defeat Hammerhead on any difficulty level

    1st Encounter: Hammerhead starts on a turret gun. It's best to stay in the shadows in the back of the area. You can just circle around until he doesn't see you, then run behind him and press . Just do this 3 times.

    Final Encounter: You will want to throw an object at Hammerhead and move in front of one of the generators. He'll shoot it with a heavier weapon and it'll explode causing lots of dust to be everywhere. Use your Spider Sense and get above and behind him. Press when prompted to attack. Do this 3 times total. Now the last part, you need to cause him to run into a wall to disorient him. Once that happens, again press when prompted near him.

  • Defeat Goblin on any difficulty level

    1st Encounters: All of the first encounters for Goblin are punch sequences. There are a few of them and they are all the same and extremely easy.

    Final Encounter: Rotate around Goblin avoiding his attacks until he stops to take a breath. Circle around to his back and attack with . Lights will eventually turn off and you'll be above him. Get close enough to trigger the sequence. The next phase will have him using a pillar. Avoid it by dodging backwards, and when he does an overhead swing you need to rush behind him and attack his back again. There will be another takedown sequence when the lights go out. Now you will be facing Goblin along with several enemies. Hold the whole time, dodging them and Goblin. He will finish them all off as you attempt to get a few hits on him here and there. Once they are gone, keep fighting as normal. When he throws the pillar at you, stay away from him as he will use very damaging attacks and it's best to just avoid him. Eventually he will pick up another pillar, and you can finish him off using the previous method.

  • Defeat Mysterio on any difficulty level

    This whole level is against Mysterio and you will play as each of the different Spiderman characters.

    1st Encounter: There is no fighting in this phase, just continue along whenever Mysterio doesn't have the ball of light up. At the end you will have to use a prompt.

    2nd Encounter: Use the + combo to attack surrounding enemies. Avoid his attacks and when he conjures the orbs, wait until they go from a redish color to a purple. Now jump and press to attack them. Rage mode does help lower the amount of times needed to destroy them. You will move along and do this a few times, and then be prompted with again.

    3rd Encounter: This is a free fall event, and you have to avoid object and get close enough to follow prompts. You will do this 3 times.

    Final Encounter: Swing to the various platforms, and defeat all enemies in those locations. Now do a prompt on the object on the edge facing Mysterio. Also avoid the attacks coming in from him as you fight off enemies. Do this 3 times and you'll be able to go to him and do one final prompt.

  • Complete any level without dying (except the Tutorial)

    You should be able to get this on the first level on easy. Otherwise, you may complete many levels or the whole game, buy a lot of upgrades, and then try any level again that you thought was easy. A death counts as any time your life reaches 0 and you must reload a previous checkpoint. Falling counts as a death if you don't recover. If you're still having a hard time, or just want to get it out of the way fast, if you die you may quit out and then continue from the main menu to over-write that death.

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