-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 45 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 1 (Obsessive Spider-Man)
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

This game is my favorite in the Spider-Man series. Although the storyline is not as broad as Spider-Man 3, the achievements are more attainable (no more impossible gold races) and the character design is much improved.

Welcome to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. This game has a total of 45 achievements and requires two playthroughs to get 1000. Of the achievements, most are related to the storyline, others will require collection, completion of sidequests, and defeating enemies in certain ways.

The only really missable achievement is Obsessive Spider-Man which requires you to complete 60 bonus missions. These missions are easily found from the heroes who give you tasks throughout the story. When you are about to complete an Act of the story it will warn you that any uncompleted bonus objectives will be lost. If you complete all objectives before moving on you will have no worries about attaining this achievement. You can miss a few achievements in the game, I hit 60 when I still had multiple bonus objectives to complete in the game.

It is unconfirmed whether the 60 carry over from playthroughs so it would probably be wise to just complete them in the first playthrough.

Step #1: Prepare
The only real preparation that is needed in this game is your suit orientation. If you notice, four of the secret achievements are earned by getting the four different endings, this is possible to do with only two playthroughs, but you need to know which suit choices to make during the game. I will list them below for ease of use:

- May Jane and Spider-Man: Red choices through the entire game
- Hero: Red choices through the game until you fight with symbiotic Black Cat. After defeating her choose black, then finish the game with a red choice.
- Anithero: Black choices through the game until you fight with symbiotic Black Cat. After defeating her choose red, then finish the game with a black choice.
- Black Cat and Spider-Man: Black choices through the entire game.

Here is how you get both endings on the same playthrough. During the final act (you will know it because the entire city is practically falling apart, you will start to fight symbiotic forms of heroes or villains from the previous Act. At one point you will be asked to escort a caravan through these 4 S.H.I.E.L.D. generators. Once you finish, it takes you to the mission complete screen. At that point SAVE YOUR GAME! As soon as you exit the mission complete screen it will auto-start the mission where you fight symbiotic Black Cat. Therefore when you beat the game the first time, load up the save right before Black Cat, defeat her, choose the opposite suit alignment and finish the game again. It takes like 30 minutes max from Black Cat to the end. Do this again during your second playthrough.

Step #2: Play the Game
This is a very straightforward game. It is impossible to miss most of the achievements, others unlock as you play and defeat enemies. Grab any collectibles you can as you play, this is how you level up Spider-Man. When you hit just over 1000, all of the remaining collectibles will appear as tiny red dots on your map. This makes it easy to get the Max Out Spider-Man achievement.

I personally found Red Suited Spider-Man as stronger to my game style, but the Black Suit also has some strong attacks. I started parrying and counter-attacking early because that achievement takes awhile if you are not intentionally doing it.

After you beat the game for the first playthrough, watch the credits. When you get back to the title screen hit “continue” and it will take you through the credits a second time. When you are back at the title screen again, hit “continue” and it will start you at the beginning of the game. This time you will have all of the collectibles and upgrades that you purchased in your first playthrough. This is their way of having New Game+ but allowing it to be pseudo-hidden.

This game is pretty easy. I gave it 20-25 hours because I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to get through it. The first playthrough doing all the side-quests was probably close to 18-20 hours, but on the second playthrough, just going through the story only took like 3 hours max.
[x360a would like to thank Seraph Metatron for this Road Map]

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Achievement Guide

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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Act One

    See "Complete Web of Shadows" for more info.
  • Complete Act Two

    See "Complete Web of Shadows" for more info.
  • Complete Game

    You will get these three achievements when you proceed through the missions in the game. You will get the first after completing all of Luke Cage's missions. The second one comes after you have convinced all of the allies that you're not an enemy. The third and last one takes time because you need to defeat all the Symbiote enemies - Wolverine, Black Cat, Electro and Vulture. You get the last achievement when you've defeated Venom last time and chosen the last path.
  • Purchase all Upgrades

    This is attainable with one playthrough, just do many optional goals to gain enough experience to "buy" all the upgrades. I got this one halfway through the last act.
  • Complete 60 Bonus Goals

    This is also attainable in one playthrough, if you just do enough of the optional goals. Regular optional goals are: Save civilians, airstrike symbiotes, seperate symbiotes from their hosts, kill # symbiotes, get symbiote samples etc.
  • Complete Half of All Optional Goals

    Refer to "Obsessive Spider-Man".
  • Max Out Spider-Man

    Like almost in every game nowadays, we have collectibles. In Spider-man: Web of Shadows, there is an incredible number of 2000 collectibles. They are very easy to see in the city and easy to catch. When you have 1000 of them, they'll appear in your map as red dots.

    The collectibles are some kind of "Spider-icons" that are half orange and half blue. You can see one in this picture.
  • Find Half of all Collectibles

    Refer to "Max Out Spider-Man". You need to collect 1080 of the collectibles for this one.
  • Find 100 Collectibles

    Refer to "Max Out Spider-Man". You need to collect 100 of the collectibles for this one.
  • Execute 50 Hit Combo "Spider Silk"

    See "250 Hit Combo - Neighborly" for more information.
  • Execute 100 Hit Combo “Ownership”

    See "250 Hit Combo - Neighborly" for more information.
  • Execute 250 Hit Combo "Neighborly"

    I got the first two of these in my first fight in the game. The easiest way to get this big one is to first upgrade your Red suit for some time and then use the button combo. You'll get over 20 hits in one enemy. Just find a group of symbiotes in Act 3 and use that technique and you shouldn't have problem.
  • Thwart 25 City Crimes

    You will probably get this in Act 1, if you're afraid not to get this when doing the main missions. Just find some gang vs. police fights and defeat the gang members.
  • Thwart 100 City Crimes

    Refer to "Great Power".
  • Defeat 100 Enemies

    If you're going for "Obsessive Spider-Man", you'll be doing those defeat # symbiotes goals too. The biggest of them is 500, so you'll almost get 1000 kills doing only the optional goals. If you don't get the achievement when you've done the optional goals, just kill some more symbiotes and it shouldn't be a long time to unlock this.
  • Defeat 500 Enemies

    See "Defeat 100 Enemies".
  • Defeat 1000 Enemies

    See "Defeat 100 Enemies".
  • Defeat First Tech Mech

    A big Tech Mech, just pick a car with Black suit by pressing and throw it to Tech Mech by pressing again. Then go to it when it's "stunned" and get ready for a mini-game! Press first, then and finally . That will disarm Tech Mech's other hand holding a gun. After that, throw a new car to it and it should be stunned again, mini-game again: first then repeatedly . Now you pull the "driver" out of his seat. That nets you the "Eviction" achievement as well.
  • Pull Tech Mech Pilot from his seat

    See "The Bigger They Come...".
  • Parry then Counter Attack one enemy

    Parry then Counter Attack is done by blocking an attack of an enemy by pressing and then quickly hitting him back with .
  • Parry then Counter Attack 100 enemies

    Refer to "Encountered". Just do it 100 times.
  • Web Swing-Kick 5 Enemies in a single pass

    After Luke Cage has taught you the basics of "Web Swing-Kick", just find a group of five or more enemies and do a Web Swing-Kick in the middle of them and you should get this easily.
  • Web-Strike Bounce 20 Enemies in succession

    You need to Web-Strike to an enemy by pressing and then after that press again to Web-Strike to another enemy. Press before starting to Web-Strike enemies because then you have some kind of "autoaim" on and it's easier to Web-Strike to a new enemy.
  • Perform all three types of attacks (Ground, Air, Wall) on a single enemy 10 times

    You need to do as the description says. Just start hitting an enemy in the ground, then do air attacks and finally climb on to a wall and the enemy will follow you. Avoid doing big combos so you don't do much damage to enemies with each hit!
  • Defeat 50 Enemies using only Ground Combos

    Just do as the description says: defeat 50 enemies on the ground. The best way is using combos (pressing ).
  • Defeat 50 Enemies using only Air Combos

    Again, do as description says: defeat 50 enemies in the air. The best way is using Web-Strike attack (pressing ).
  • Defeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos

    Once again do as descriptions says: defeat 50 enemies when you're on the wall. Just climb wall and wait for your enemies come after you, then just hit combos with and it shouldn't take too long to get this one.

Secret achievements

  • Hero



    Red Suit Conclusion earned

    You need to choose different paths to get these 4 achievements. See THIS guide to get them easily.
  • Mary Jane Conclusion achieved

    Refer to "Hero".
  • Black Cat Conclusion achieved

    Refer to "Hero".
  • Black Suit Conclusion earned

    Refer to "Hero".
  • Black Cat defeated

    You get this after convincing Black Cat.
  • Defeated Venom once

    You get this after defeating Venom the first time.
  • Electro defeated

    You get this after convincing Electro.
  • Wolverine defeated

    You get this after convincing Wolverine.
  • Symbiote Vulture Defeated

    You get this after defeating Symbiote Vulture. He is the 2nd last boss in the game.
  • Symbiote Black Cat defeated

    You get this after defeating Symbiote Black Cat.
  • Symbiote Wolverine Defeated

    You get this after defeating Symbiote Wolverine.
  • Symbiote Electro defeated

    You get this after defeating Symbiote Electro.
  • Winged



    Vulture defeated

    You get this after convincing Vulture.
  • Defeated Venom twice

    You get this after defeating Venom the second time.
  • Id



    Spent time with Black Cat

    After you defeat Black Cat the first time, you can choose the path: either Red or Black. If you choose Black, you'll get this achievement and if you choose Red, you'll get "Super-ego".
  • Vice



    First Black Suit Choice

    After completing missions you will have to choose either Black or Red path, if you choose Black, you net this achievement and if you choose Red, you net "Virtue".
  • Black Cat Spurned

    See "Id".
  • First Red Suit Choice

    See "Vice".

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