Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
Offline: 50 [1000]
Online: 0 [0:gsicon]
Approximate time: 10-20 Hours
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 2
Missable achievements: 4 [Collectables]
Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

This game has 8 story achievements, 19 grinding achievements, 15 special condition achievements and 8 collectible achievements. For the most part it will all come in time, which is nice. Those that are somewhat more difficult I will highlight an easy way to do them, if I've found it. Also, for easier reading of the achievements, I've labeled each post/section with what it covers. An interesting thing about this game is that like Halo 3: ODST and others, as you get significant increments to overall totals, it will flash it on your screen. This is exceptionally useful for keeping tabs on your progress as well as letting you know you are on the right track. You can also view these by pressing the  on the upgrade screen, as well as your current progress on the levels picture.

Playthrough 1
I suggest going with Savage on your first playthrough. It will make playing through on Brutal easier as you will be upgraded further, and you also will be somewhat more used to highly damaging enemies. You will want to get as many of the collectibles as possible on this playthrough. A collectibles guide can be found HERE. Focus on working on your grinding achievements as well. I conveniently put all of the grind achievements in the third post on this thread. Some of the key upgrades to grab while playing through the game are the Tackle Pack, Ram, Uppercut Overdrive, Weaponized Grab, Unstoppa-Bull, Tear you to Pieces, the weapon durability upgrades, all of the bonus health upgrades, and all of the Necro bar (mask) upgrades. Also, boss strategies are attached to their respective story achievements.

Playthrough 2
You should have unlocked Brutal difficulty in your first playthrough. Simply play through the game on Brutal difficulty, paying attention to what you might have missed while playing through the first time. Brutal difficulty will be a lot more unforgiving of mistakes, but seeing as how you will be massively upgraded over when you started originally, it shouldn't be a big deal. Besides, you know what to expect from most of the creatures, and all they really do is deal more damage. You should be able to finish your collectibles in this playthrough, as well as most of the grinding achievements.

The final part is cleaning up the survival mode and whatever grinding achievements you didn't finish. Check the achievement 'Jason Schmason' as well as 'Too much Horror Business' for information on the achievements you get through this mode. An additional note is that the Survival Arenas each have their own unique picture that you find pieces of as you smash the green crates/chests that fall into the arena. Survival Arena can be difficult, however I have found that using Splatter Smash against large groups of small enemies is extremely helpful, and that it deals more damage against large enemies if you allow it to charge than Splatter Slash does. It's also easier to direct.

-Ray5555 for the pictures, as well as information on how to unlock the journal pages.
-Genetic Carnage (K1LLING J0KE) for help with many many achievements as well as fact checking and his collectibles guide.
-Oberion for information regarding easier methods to get some of the more painful achievements.

Splatterhouse Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Phase 2: The Doll that Bled.

    Story Achievement, unmissable. The boss has 3 phases.[I]

    Phase 1: This phase starts with the boss hurling furniture at you. Avoid it until he runs out. After that, he will start attacking you with a few different attacks. Take a little time to learn his attacks and their openings, and then abuse them. After you take him down, he will crash through the floor and you will have to beat him with a piece of himself by tapping the shown button repeatedly.

    Phase 2: During phase 2 he will be chest height with the floor. His only real attack is a large sweeping attack, which can be jumped over if you are close to him. Otherwise, wait for him to jam his fist into the floor, and then attack. Do this a few times, and he will smash through the floor again.

    Phase 3: This phase starts like phase 1. It plays nearly identically to it as well, other than he recovers quicker and his attacks are a little more brutal. Once again, wear him down. After doing so, you will enter an interactive cutscene. Complete the cutscene, and you will finish the battle.

  • Complete Phase 4: The Meat Factory.

    Story Achievement, unmissable. This boss has 4 phases.

    Phase 1: During this phase just shoot him with the shotgun when he gets close. He will go down rather quickly, disappear, and then cut through the floor beneath you.

    Phase 2: In this phase you must dodge his attacks and then counter-attack, much like any other boss. Learn his attacks and exploit their weaknesses. After wearing him down you will be prompted to perform a grab attack on him.

    Phase 3: Phase 3 plays nearly identically to phase 2, except he has a new attack and he has a lower recovery time between attacks. Once again avoid his attacks, hit him while he's recovering, and you will once again perform a grab attack, this time removing one of his chainsaw arms.

    Phase 4: During this phase you use his own chainsaw against him. You can't roll with the chainsaw, but he really only has one attack now, and it's very short ranged and leaves a huge opening for a counter-attack. Beat him down with the chainsaw until you are prompted to grab him, and the fight will be over.

  • Complete Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart.

    Story Achievement, unmissable. This boss has 3 phases.

    Phase 1: Like the other bosses, the key is to learn his attacks. Be aware of his exhale after his slam attack, as it does damage you. Watch his method of attack, launch your counter-attacks when you can, and you will enter an interactive cutscene where you jam one of his rods into his head.

    Phase 2: Phase 2 is similar to Phase 1 except he has 2 new attacks. Otherwise, keep avoiding his attacks and jumping over his AoE slam while launching counter-attacks, and you will once again enter an interactive cutscene where you rip one of the rods from him.

    Phase 3: This phase plays just like Phase 2, but you have a weapon now. Your attacks will be more damaging, making this a significant bit shorter than the second phase. At the end of the phase, you are once again prompted to grab him, which ends in a cutscene.

  • Complete Phase 8: Reflections in Blood.

    Story Achievement, unmissable. This boss has 4 phases.

    Phase 1: During the first phase you fight your image which uses some of your own moves. See which ones he uses, avoid them, and launch short counter-attacks. Keep at it until you kill him.

    Phase 2: This phase has you fighting 3 of yourself at once. They're about equal to a Forgotten strength and damage-wise, so just go to town, trying to avoid getting ganged up. After a few waves, you'll fight the tougher Evil Rick again.

    Phase 3: In this phase you once again fight yourself with the same moveset from Phase 1 along with adding Splatter Slash and Splatter Smash. Work him over, getting in your counter-attacks, until he falls again.

    Phase 4: During this phase the battle really changes. You will fight the weak versions of yourself you fought in Phase 2 along with a Berserker mode Evil Rick. Your best bet is to use Berserker mode yourself, as you will be able to destroy the lesser Evil Ricks instantly and deal a good chunk of damage to the Berserker Evil Rick. If you run out of Necro, just kill the lesser Evil Ricks until you are filled up again. This ends in an interactive cutscene where you tear the arms off of Evil Rick.

  • Complete Phase 10: The Wicker Bride.

    Story Achievement, unmissable. This is not an actual boss battle level, but a timed event. There are 3 phases to the event. I highly suggest checking out the collectibles guide HERE before doing this section so you waste as little time as possible.

    Phase 1: You have 3 minutes to complete this part. Your best bet is to simply run through all the gates until you are forced to fight a few waves of Forgotten with the blue veined ghouls. There is a sword in the nearby crates in the corner near where the waves spawn if you need it. Kill them as fast as possible, and run into the next portal when you are able to.

    Phase 2: The clock will have 2:20 minutes added to it. Kick through the gate and dodge the large fish demon, running past it. After a cutscene, you will be surrounded by Fishhead Forgotten. Run through the gate ahead, along the pathway, into the next courtyard, kick through the gate, run the path again avoiding the Fishhead Forgotten at the end, and into the courtyard. Kill off the 3 huge Fist Demons with Berserker mode if possible, and hop into the portal.

    Phase 3: Kill the Fishhead Forgotten and climb the wickerman. "Jen" will attack you, and you will have to shake your left stick to throw her off of you. After stomping her to death, you pass through another portal, and the level is over.

  • Complete the game on any difficulty.


    Beat the game on Coward or Savage difficulty. Unlocks Brutal Difficulty.

  • Complete the game on "Savage" difficulty (or harder).

    Beat the game on Savage difficulty or Brutal Difficulty.

  • Complete the game on "Brutal" Difficulty.

    Beat the game on Brutal Difficulty. Brutal difficulty is unlocked after you complete the game once on any other difficulty.

  • Kill an enemy with a Splatter Slash.

    See Downpour of Blood.

  • Get 100 kills with Splatter Slash.

    See Downpour of Blood.

  • Kill an enemy with Splatter Smash.

    See Downpour of Blood.

  • Get 100 kills with Splatter Smash.

    Hold down the  and press  to execute a Splatter Slash, or  to execute a Splatter Smash. This can also be done in Berserker Mode, but you must have unlocked Splatter Slash and Splatter Smash while playing through the game before you will be able to earn kills towards these achievements. Phase 1's Foyer is a great place to get kills towards this without having to worry about your Necro Meter.

  • Regenerate with Splatter Siphon.

    Hold down and  and press  to activate Splatter Siphon. Requires at least 1 Necro Bar to be activated.

  • Get 300 kills in Berserker Mode.

    After completing Phase 2 for the first time you will unlock Beserker Mode, something you get a small taste of at the very beginning of the game. Once this is unlocked you can activate Beserker Mode by tapping , provided you have at least 3 Necro Bars filled. The Phase 1 Foyer is once again a good place to get kills. The kills still count even if you quit the level afterwords and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

    See Triumph of Iron.

  • Get 500 kills with non-fleshy weapons.

    Non-fleshy weapons stands for all items that aren't heads, arms, or any part of something's body. Near the beginning of the game you won't see many weapons, but late in the game you will almost never be without one. Also, Weaponized Grab from the Weapons upgrade group can be helpful for this achievement.

  • Kill an enemy with an enemy's arm.

    See None More Dead.

  • Get 150 kills with enemy arms.

    You can use the Weaponized Grab under the Weapons upgrade group to instantly kill an enemy while holding any weapon, making this achievement a bit easier. To get arms, either perform Splatterkills on the human-size ghoul monsters, use the machete to cut an enemy up, or using 'Tear you to Pieces' under the Grab upgrade group by pressing  and then  again once you have grappled them. 

  • Kill an enemy with an enemy's head.

    See Head on Arrival.

  • Get 50 kills with enemy heads.

    There are a few ways to get enemy heads. The demons with the tentacle arm can be killed with a Splatterkill, giving you their head as a weapon. If you have 'Tear you to Pieces', you can also perform 'Stretchin' Necks' by pressing  to grapple the enemy and then pressing and holding  until you perform the move. The move 'Power Head Throw' from the Weapons upgrade group is helpful as well towards this achievement. A good place to get head kills is in Phase 4 in the room with the 4 chairs you slam enemies onto. Slam 3 onto chairs, and only 1 enemy will continue to spawn. Use Stretchin' Necks to remove his head, and kill his replacement with the head.

  • Splat an enemy on a wall with a weapon.

    See The Blackest of Sundays

  • Splat 100 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

    See The Blackest of Sundays

  • Splat 200 enemies on a wall with a weapon.

    Not to hard but a little confusing at first. To splat an enemy on the wall, simply use a weapon such as the lead pipe or 2x4 and attack an enemy near a wall. You can also use enemy body parts such as arms. You should send them flying into the wall. Using + while holding a weapon will send enemies flying into the wall almost every time. I've found this to be especially effective on side scrolling sections where you have weapons available. The only weapons that this doesn't work for are cutting weapons like the chainsaw, and the shotgun.

  • Perform a Splatterkill.

    See Vigorous Vengeance.

  • Perform 75 Splatterkills.

    See Vigorous Vengeance.

  • Perform 150 Splatterkills.

    Grapple an enemy with  when they take on the red outline and perform the command(s) it tells you to. There's normally 1 of 2 ways to splatter kill most enemies. There are parts in the game where enemies will spawn infinitely until a certain condition is met, such as the end of phase 3, which are very helpful if you want to rack up Splatterkills.

  • Kill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.

    There are enemies throughout the game that can cut off your arm, one of the more common ones being the blue veined ghoul creatures you run into. Additionally, as with None More Dead, if you upgrade your weapon durability you should easily be able to take out an enemy before your arm breaks. Also, the Weaponized Grab from the Weapons upgrade group will kill an enemy off instantly, netting you this achievement.

  • Tackle an enemy and pummel it 20 times.

    This is best done on a higher difficulty where enemies can take more hits before dying. You probably won't be able to unlock this until late in the game, but to perform this attack, unlock Tackle Pack from the Sprint/Roll upgrade group, press and hold  and then press  to tackle an enemy to the ground, and then tap  repeatedly. An easy place to get this is during Phase 3 right after the train wreck. Kill off all except one of the Forgotten, and then tackle and pummel the last one. You should leave the one you plan to pummel untouched.

  • Impale an enemy on a spike.

    This is done during Phase 2 for the first time, and is a requirement of progressing the story. It cannot be missed. Simply grab the enemy with  and then face the spike and press  to kick or throw them into the spike.

  • Kill 6 enemies within one second.

    The easy way to get this is in the room during Phase 2 with the 4 little ghoul creatures on the bed eating the human remains. Simply get close to them, wait for a few more to close in, and use Splatter Siphon (+) to drain them all, also killing them all. For additional methods, see Headlong into Monsters.

  • Kill 6 enemies in one ram attack.

    Requires the Ram attack from the Sprint/Roll upgrade group. Hold  and press  to charge through enemies. This can be picked up in the side scrolling sections fairly easily when a lot of enemies group up in Phase 2 shortly after the spiked death wall section in a room after kicking open the door, or in Phase 4 after the side scrolling section in the room where a bunch of the ghouls climb down the walls to attack you. Just make sure to let them bunch up a bit. Unlocking Psycho Ram from the Sprint/Roll upgrade group can be helpful if you're having difficulty getting this achievement.

  • POW!



    Launch an enemy straight up with "No Head Room".

    Requires Uppercut Overdrive attack from the Heavy Attacks upgrade group. After you have it, simply press  and then hold down  and you will knock the enemy into the air. This shares a button set with Thrash You Up, so it might take a few tries to unlock this.

  • Get 2000 or more BLOOD Points in one chain of attacks.

    This achievement is not overly difficult to get. During a battle with a boss who has minions, use Berserker Mode to kill off the minions and then attack the boss. You should be able to rack up 2000 BLOOD Points using this method. Note that the achievement doesn't unlock until AFTER you finish your current phase, not right when it's done.

  • Listen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.


    These are found as you progress through Mansion levels. A collectibles guide can be found HERE.

  • Stomp on 1000 Boreworms.

    Boreworms are those red worms that pop out of crates when you smash them. You can walk over the top of them, or my personal favorite for killing a bunch at once is to use an unarmed heavy attack on them, since it has a shockwave included in it. Just break crates, barrels, and everything else to find these until you've unlocked the achievement.

  • Get an S-rank in Survival Arena mode.

    See Jason Schmason

  • Get three S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

    See Jason Schmason

  • Get six S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

    One of the best ways to get a S-Rank in any Survival Arena is liberal use of Splatter Slash or Splatter Smash on large groups of enemies (+ & +), and when against an Aegis make sure to ram them (+) and then Splatter Slash them for an easy quick kill. Sometimes using Ram on a monster can be difficult, but I find that with Splatter Smash fully upgraded it does great immediate area damage as well as having a very long ranged damage attack, you can hit enemies that tend to run away without worry that they might disappear. 

    Also, against smaller enemies that back away from you, I've found that Ram is excellent, though using Ram while holding a weapon is even more effective as it's nearly guaranteed to hit and kill them. The real key though is to finish the Survival Arena as quickly as possible. Don't worry about Secret Missions, taking the time to get them will negatively impact your overall score.

  • Accomplish 5 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

    See Too much Horror business.

  • Accomplish all 10 Secret Missions in a single Survival Arena attempt.

    This achievement will unlock after the 10th secret mission is completed, regardless of if you finish the arena. The Secret Missions are as follows:

    • No Damage for 1 minute
    • No Damage for 120 seconds
    • Successfully perform 5 Splatterkills
    • Successfully perform 20 Splatterkills
    • Kill 25 Enemies in Berserk Mode
    • Kill 50 Enemies in Berserk Mode
    • Stomp on 20 Boreworms
    • Stomp on 50 Boreworms
    • Kill 10 enemies with any flesh weapon
    • Kill 25 enemies with any flesh weapon


  • Purchase a skill.

    Simply unlock your first skill after you are introduced to the upgrade system. This is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Unlock 25 skills.

    See Lust for After Life.

  • Unlock all skills.

    Simply unlock all of the skills in the upgrades menu. It is interesting to note that while Survival mode gives you kills towards your achievements, it does not give BLOOD Points, so if you somehow find yourself needing more BLOOD Points, you'll have to play through the story. Also, some upgrades are not available until they are unlocked via the story.

  • Unlock 5% of Dr. West's journal.

    See The House that West Built.

  • Unlock 25% of Dr. West's journal.


    See The House that West Built.

  • Unlock 50% of Dr. West's journal.


    See The House that West Built.

  • Unlock all pages of Dr. West's journal.

    This achievement is tied to your Stats on the main screen. For information on the collectibles and the Survival Arena, check their respective achievements.

  • Re-assemble one of Jen's sexy photos.

    See Happy Ending?

  • Re-assemble 8 of Jen's photos.


    See Happy Ending?

  • Re-assemble all of Jen's photos.

    Each level has a photo and you'll find different pieces of it scattered through the level. There are also 6 of them in the Survival Arenas that are picked up from crates that appear every 5 waves. For the Survival Arena pictures, simply be proactive about smashing crates when they appear. For the ones found through the campaign, a collectibles guide can be found HERE.

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