4th Echelon Commendation Achievement

  • 4th Echelon Commendation



    Completed every single player mission on Realistic difficulty


    Refer to 4th Echelon Officer for more information.

  • Cool. From gameplay it looks even easier than conviction because of all the new abilities. i hope we have all the same gadgets. I got all the achievements in conviction except for last stand maps on realistic, that's a bitch
  • Should be simple. I don't play Tom Clancy games on anything lower. This is how it is meant to be played.
  • I'm sure this will pop if we do our first play through on Perfectionist difficulty, right? Or does Perfectionist have to be unlocked by completing the game once?
  • From what i understand, perfectionist is the hardest difficultly and it doesnt let you use Mark and Kill (whatever that IWIN button is called). So i would assume you have to play it on Realistic first get the other difficultly chieve and then do Perfectionist.
  • @2 I totally agree, even when trying to get back into conviction after not playing it for over 2 years I immediately went back to realistic only took me a few of the 'you can't get caught or game over" modes to get back into the groove.

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