4th Echelon Officer Achievement

  • 4th Echelon Officer



    Completed every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty


    First off, Perfectionist difficulty changes this game tremendously due to the following restrictions:

    • Mark & Execute is disabled
    • Sonar goggles cannot see through walls
    • Smarter and stronger enemy AI
    • No weapon caches to resupply

    With that said, you will want to avoid open conflict entirely. You will die almost instantaneously if you try to utilize the Assault playstyle here, so focusing on Ghost or Panther is a much better idea. Use their methods interchangeably as there will be parts in the campaign where lethal means can be your only option of progressing if you are stuck. You can however, refer below to No Kill Option Engaged if you plan to stack that achievement on this playthrough. If you plan to utilize both playstyles, follow these tips instead:

    • Sam's "whistle/distraction" is extremely overpowered - you can hide behind corners and keep luring all the enemies in until the area is clear.
    • Using a fully upgraded, silenced SMG, Assault Rifle, or Sniper Rifle can clear out an entire area within seconds while remaining undetected. The SC4000 and Honey Badger are two of the best silenced rifles in the game!
    • Avoid killing armored infantrymen when possible - sneak around them when possible as there's only one section in the game where you are required to take them out.
    • Sleeping Gas and Proximity Shockers are the BEST gadgets you can use to knock out enemies from afar - but since there aren't any weapon caches, you will need to use these sparingly.
    • Look for alternate routes when approaching each section of a mission - you are almost always able to bypass heavily populated areas without having to touch anyone.
    • When your goggles are jammed, deploy the Tri-Rotor and hunt down the technician blocking your signal.
    • Change up your OPS Suit in order to make it as stealthy as possible. Completing all three of Grim's COOP missions gives you the best stealth suit!

    Using these tips, alongside those presented for the No Kill Option Engaged achievement, should allow you to clear the campaign missions without too much trouble. Just remember to stick to the shadows and take it slow. Rushing through the missions will only result in multiple deaths and endless frustration.

    Since the game allows you replay missions through the Paladin's SMI at any time, you don't actually need to complete a straight playthrough on Perfectionist. You may load up individual missions and work on them in whichever order you'd like. You can change the difficulty of each mission by pressing before launching it.

    If you are having trouble with any of the missions in the game, be sure to check out THIS THREAD for a great video/commentary guide by Maka.

  • Whoa....there is difficulty higher than Realistic?...this will be interesting
  • Yupp. Higher stealth and combat difficulty, no restocking at ammo caches, no mark and execute ability and sonar goggles cannot see through walls/floors.
  • If sonar goggles can't see through walls, then how is it sonar? Then it's just eyes... with night vision.
  • I'll make a walkthrough, hopefully it's not too much of a pain.
  • Damn. If #3 is right, then this seems like it will be hard as hell. Mark and Execute seemed like an essential part of the game in Conviction. And no restocking ammo at caches? Seems hard, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.
  • #3 Is right, you also die from one bullet, so play stealthy.
  • You think we'll have to unlock this difficulty by playing through once or will it be available from the get go?
  • @#5 Cocky?
  • @ #10: no Maka's not cocky, he's a tremendous asset to the achievement community who has put up dozens of video guides. This year he's already gotten me through Hitman: Absolution and Bioshock Infinite on their hardest difficulties. Look up Maka91Productions on YouTube and you'll understand.
  • #3 How do you know this?
  • @12 http://youtu.be/2QuiPpIaLUA and http://youtu.be/CEM3GWn6JAM
  • Looking forward to this difficulty mode. Although I'll probably be ready for throwing my controller at the wall many many times :)
  • Would like to know the same thing as #9 Looking forward to Maka's walkthrough :)
  • @ #15 I asked my wuestion at on the Ubi forum boards. Seems as though it will def be available right from the get go. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/782363-Perfectionist-difficulty-questions
  • If I were to play it on the perfectionist difficulty... You think it would unlock the realistic achievement??
  • @12, I know it because of various Blacklist videos that showed off the description of each difficulty level. They also showed that Perfectionist is indeed available from the start of the game.
  • I am currently playing this game as we speak. All difficulty options are available right away so there is no requirement to play through the game to unlock additional difficulty settings.
  • Why would anyone want to play on perfectionist right from the start? 1 hit kills, no thank you. Not until there's an excellent video guide available for me. I would rather enjoy the game first then tackle this mode which will likely be rage inducing.
  • #4 Is that a joke ... do you know what sonar is?
  • @ 9 and 15 Yes, it is available from the start. It is more or less die in one shot. I can also confirm no mark and execute although its kinda silly since you can mark them to sort of cheat at tracking them. Also, two discs. And to get the best view, you need to install over 3GB as a texture pack from disc 2. @ 20 Some of us find the challenge enjoyable. I thought that the mark and execute from Conviction was just one more thing that took away the control and skill I required in the previous versions. However, I will agree that it is rage inducing.
  • I can't wait for this realistic was easy in conviction, I killed almost everyone without it, this mode shouldn't be too hard other than dealing with the guys in giant suits, cause you can't knock them out without gasing and knocking off their helmets which kind of sucks.
  • Realistic wasn't too Bad at all.
  • does anyone know if the intro mission counts towards this? I started on normal and switched to perfectionist after the intro and you can't go back to that mission from the menu, not sure if it will work now
  • @ 25 I assume it counts but you can go back and do it again from the SMI. Just make sure that you switch to All missions not just active ones. The setting is at the bottom of the SMI and I think you switch using the triggers or bumpers.
  • I think I should've just played on Perfectionist on my first playthrough because realistic was just too easy.
  • To go with #26, make sure it is "All Missions" not "Campaign Missions" for some reason the intro mission isn't counted in the "Campaign Missions" area, I haven't figured out why, but yeah. So if you can't find it make sure to go to All, it's at the far right hand side.
  • if anyone wants to do the online and coop missions/ achievements add me GT xNSHD send me a message also must have a mic.
  • When it says complete 'every single player mission' does this mean just complete the main missions and NOT the ones that are with Grimm, Charlie and Briggs?
  • @30 Only Main Missions.
  • I have completed every campaign mission on perfectionist, however..it will not let me select the Gulf of Mexico mission that takes place within the Paladin. I believe I just need to complete this to get the achievement but there is no option to play this level...so frustrated!
  • This probably would be ok if I hadnt already encountered multiple scenarioswhen the game mechanics are broken. I've been detected in cover, detected from miles away, shot through walls, had execute glitch out, had hand to hand not work, had all enemies discover my location from a proximity mine I had placed about one minute beforehand and I even had all enemies discover me without being detected! Utter frustration.
  • @23 The Heavies (giant suit guys) actually can be knocked out (stealth), but you have to sneak up BEHIND them. Anything too close to their front won't work. Also, those guys are immune to all non-lethal weapons... at least all the ones I've tried. This Perfectionist mode is somewhat reminiscent of Chaos Theory, but the ability to use marks (even without execute) is VERY annoying... mainly because its so damn hard to resist the urge to use them. And the moment you do use them, it really ruins the tension.
  • The heavies can be put to sleep if you shot them in the head with a crossbow bolt with sleeping gas, but you need to be a good shot
  • It was the first playtrhough I did and it was a lot easier than most would think it to be. Play smart and use the gas arrows. If you run out of ammo just hit a saving point then click restart at checkpoint. You still have all your points, same progress, but now fully restocked.
  • This should be a lot of fun, but I wouldn't recomend it for a first playthrough. Sure, you might be skilled enough, but Perfectionist removes a lot of the fun mechanics in the game to add difficulty. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • I'm about half way through this Playthrough, it's really not that hard, I'm doing a Panter approach to it so it's making it pretty simple, but some parts still offer a good challenge. If you mess up, just reload the checkpoint and try a different strategy. Loving this game overall, not looking forward to doing the Multiplayer Achievements.
  • Does this include the 4E missions ?
  • any body know if i do this will it unlock the realistic achievement also ??
  • #39: no #40: yes
  • #40 thanks, I just got it, save me alot of time. if anybody needs help with this game add me, TOGA TOM
  • @#32...are you sure you did all the campaign missions? including the Blacklist Zero one in Guam? I just finished my perfectionist playthrough & the only mission I didn't do was the one aboard Paladin because it doesn't show up on the SMI map to replay & I got the achievements for both Perfectionist and Realistic playthroughs when I finished the Site F mission at the end of the game.
  • I finished the game on Realistic, i take it you can just select each mission and play through as Perfectionist and you will get the achievement. As #43 above says I take it you will still get the achievement although you can't play the Paladin mission again????
  • I will answer my own question by saying it will get the achievement.It doesn't matter about the Paladin mission
  • I will answer my own question by saying you will get the achievement.It doesn't matter about the Paladin mission
  • These videos are simple to follow and can help you hamster ghost on perfectionist... Easiest way to play blacklist in my opinion... The guys channel is called 360Gametv located here: http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGZAFj5iqHd1uhPgLpsZGpH8iuZO07mG
  • Just finished this in three or fuor sessions, most difficult part was the end of train station. It's not easy to avoid a bullet to the head after you get through the window.
  • All done, this wasn't as hard as I thought i would be. You just need to force yourself to find ways around and cut throughs. In gact, in most missions, I didn't even have to use my gadgets! @48 Katarn84, yeah I ended up jumping through the window then throwing a load of Sleeping Gas Grenades, only way I was able to finish it!
  • Really hard!
  • The only trouble for me would be the increased distance at them being able to spot you and the low health but playing through the game on normal I found a lot , and I do mean A LOT, of side routes where you can get by without any enemy contact.

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