HVTs Secured Achievement

  • HVTs Secured



    Captured 20 High-Value Targets


    High-Value Targets will appear throughout the campaign and COOP missions. The first time you encounter a HVT in the campaign, Grimm will let you know that they must be captured alive. They always appear on your HUD with a white "Capture" bar above their person and show up as a larger red blip on your radar. You can use any means of non-lethal methods when taking them out, whether it is with sleeping gas, sticky shockers, proximity shockers, or hand-to-hand combat. After subduing them, press  to successfully "Bag & Tag" them. You will get a on-screen message after reaching the next checkpoint informing you that they have been secured.


  • This one is easy if you upgrade your plane...it will show you who you have to capture with the word "capture" above them
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKguE5wvj-s After finding and capturing an HVT you usually need to proceed to the next area or checkpoint. Otherwise, your progess will be lost and you have to capture him again. A little pop-up in the top right corner will appear after he has been fully captured. You have to use non-lethal means to capture the HVTs. Knock them out in hand to hand combat or use your stun gun.
  • charlies missions count?
  • @3 yes. All missions count
  • Collectibles in this game don't need a guide. Just upgrade the Cockpit and the Command & Control. This will make the collectibles show up on your radar. All missions count as #4 said, campaign and 4E missions. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • You sure all missions count? I've beaten the campaign, all co-op and done 20 waves on one of Charlies missions (at least 15 HVTs alone there) and it says I only have 17 out 20 HVTs, somethings not right...
  • I don't think the HVTs in Charlies missions count, there are too many of them, they are simple a part of that mission.
  • Definitely DON'T need Charlie-Mission HVT's. Just got the achievement without ever having tried Pakistani Embassy. You'll also notice that when you select that mission on SMI and LB/RB through the screens, it only mentions "Dead Drop" & "Laptop" as collectibles. No tick box for HVT.
  • Haven't started the briggs missions yet,hope the last 4 HVTs are there.
  • Does it count in COOP if your partner bags and tags them? For that matter, does it count if your COOP partner gets dead drops/hacks laptops?

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