Intel Acquired Achievement

  • Intel Acquired



    Collected 24 Dead Drop flash drives


    Dead Drop flash drives are small collectibles that can be found throughout the campaign and COOP missions. They will emit a persistent pining sound when you are near them. If you purchase the first upgrade for the Command & Control sector in the Paladin, it will make Dead Drops permanently visible on your HUD.

    Buy this upgrade as soon as possible because these flash drives are extremely small and can be overlooked when playing through each set of missions. Once this upgrade is acquired, the flash drives are almost unmissable on your HUD.

  • The dead drops are really easy to find once you purchase the Paladin upgrade that allows them to show up on your HUD.
  • Almost every mission has a Dead Drop (but there's never more than 1 per mission). To see the collectibles more easily you can buy the Command & Control upgrade for your airplane. It will highlight collectibles when you get close to them. When selecting a mission you can see exactly which collectibles you have found in it and which you are still missing. When talking to Briggs on the airplane you can see the total progress.
  • Got them all here. Since you can see them on your HUD with proper upgrades we thought it would be a good idea to show you how to get to them as some are quite confusing to reach.
  • Collectibles in this game don't need a guide. Just upgrade the Cockpit and the Command & Control. This will make the collectibles show up on your radar. All missions count as #4 said, campaign and 4E missions. One video, all achievements:
  • This achievement hasn't popped and all my Dead Drops are checked off.
  • I'm pretty positive that Kobin's Dead Coast and Grim's Billionaire's Yacht lvels are needed to get all the collectibles.

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