Data Security Achievement

  • Data Security



    Hacked 23 Blacklist Laptops


    Blacklist Laptops are another form of collectibles scattered throughout the campaign and COOP missions. Unlike Dead Drop flash drives, Laptops do not show up with the Paladin's Command & Control Tier 1 upgrade. You will need an additional $150,000 to purchase the Tier 2 upgrade for them to show on the HUD. Grimm will notify you when you are near your first Laptop on the first mission.

    Approach each Laptop quietly, if you are engaged in combat it will self-destruct and you won't be able to hack it. If this happens, reload the checkpoint.

  • Hacking is always a nice fun little mini game. Looking forward to this. I love the way they are optional, and a lot of time are worth seeking out to disable different security measures. It was so great in the Bank level from Chao Theory
  • @ 1 The bank level in Chaos Theory is still one of my favourite Splinter Cell missions of all time.
  • hate to disappoint but as far as hacking goes nothing like chaos theory
  • I noticed that as well #3, oh well. Updating the Paladin (forget which part, but it's in the description) makes these MUCH easier to find
  • You need to reach the laptops undetected or the enemies will destroy them. There is never more than 1 laptop per mission. Some missions don't have one at all. To see them more easily you can buy the Command & Control upgrade for your airplane. It will highlight collectibles when you get close to them. When selecting a mission you can see exactly which collectibles you have found in it and which you are still missing. When talking to Briggs on the airplane you can see the total progress.
  • Got them all here. Since you can see them on your HUD with proper upgrades we thought it would be a good idea to show you how to get to them as some are quite confusing to reach
  • Collectibles in this game don't need a guide. Just upgrade the Cockpit and the Command & Control. This will make the collectibles show up on your radar. All missions count as #4 said, campaign and 4E missions. One video, all achievements:
  • I was playing Split Screen (COOP) and my friend hacked a laptop. Do I get credit for it or will I lose the achievement? I've tried replaying the mission but it wasn't there. Anyone have any experience with this? It would suck to have gotten the rest but missed out because my friend hacked it.

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