Tactical Style: Ghost Achievement

  • Tactical Style: Ghost



    Mastered Ghost playstyle

    Refer to Tactical Style: Assault for more information.

  • I can't figure out this damn scoring system. I've completed multiple missions now undetected, and knocking out only 2-3 guys at most, but I still come up 200, 100, and even 50 points short of "Mastering" the damn mission for Ghost. Ughhhh!!! It seems like avoiding hostiles by sneaking past areas definitely results in a higher score per section, but I think I'm getting screwed at the very end of certain missions. That little scoring notification window (per section) doesn't pop up at the end of the mission, and then I get to see just how close I came to "Mastering" that level. Ahhhhhhh! Loosing my mind!
  • Either leave everyone undisturbed, or take everyone out all together (Silent KOs). Take out multiple enemies at the same time to maximise score (Sleeping gas is best). The best missions to do this are on Grim's 4E missions.
  • Leaving people undisturbed seems to be the best way to get points. I'd recommend getting this on normal difficulty if you're struggling. Also, you only need 7 missions mastered to get it, and you can master the same mission in the 3 different ways, so basically, you could get the 3 masteries with only 7 missions. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • One easy method is to it on Brigg's 4E Co-op missions.
  • when i first read this achievement, I presumed that it meant you only needed it for one mission, after reading it on the achievement panel on my 360 I realized it was for 7 missions, I wish that was clarified in this achievement list. Also, I don't know if the difficulty is a part of it, but I'm playing through on realistic doing the no kill achievement too, and man it is tough to 100% ghost on some of the missions.
  • i found Kobin's 4E missions to be pretty helpful for this. if you found that you weren't getting enough points when you were on the last man, try getting reinforcements called in then hide and pick them off one by one with sleep, shockers and the stun gun.
  • Okay, I've definitely managed a perfect ghost score seven times, but the achievement didn't unlock. Anyone else have this? Is there some trick like having to wait for the action report to finish without hitting 'skip' or something?
  • wow, I am wondering if #7 is right, do you have to do this in the single campaign or the4e missions counts?

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