Tactical Style: Panther Achievement

  • Tactical Style: Panther



    Mastered Panther playstyle

    Refer to Tactical Style: Assault for more information.

  • I just read this in an article yesterday. Ghost style is when you're playing stealthy and non-lethal. Panther is stealthy and lethal. And assault is loud and lethal. There is an XP system for each playstyle. It is kind of like the ACES in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, how the more you play a certain way, the more XP you get.
  • @#2 Thanks. That clears a whole lot up. I was wondering if non-lethal take downs and non-lethal gadgets went towards Panther or Ghost. I am going to play through on Perfectionist and run like a Ghost. Getting the 100 point cheevo for perfectionist, the 60 pointer for not killing anyone as Sam and then the other 60 pointer for beating it on Realistic. should be reeeeeal nice.
  • so these are basically the challenges from conviction just with new names
  • @4, nope, not even slightly, you have to play one type perfectly on 7 missions so that you 'master' each level which just means at the end of the level it brings up a little bar that fills up for each style, you have to max it out in the same area (stealth, panther, or tactical) for 7 missions, not too hard to look up, when you're looking back through all the missions you've played when you highlight that specific mission you can see if you mastered it in any or all of the 3 ways by hitting the LB/RB button til you get to it.
  • Annoying that it has to be on normal
  • Can you only score points in one playstyle to master it? Or can you have points here and there, but as long as the one is filled, it counts?
  • @7 Yes you can have points in other playstyles and still Master a level but it is very few (usually 100 or 200). There are sites that show exactly how many points you need to master a particular playstyle on a particular level. My advice is to focus on only one style and you're pretty guaranteed to get the points you need. As another tip you can pause the middle of a mission and see the progress of each playstyle on a mission. That helps me a lot.
  • do the scores save? like can i do 1 section max it on ghost and replay the same part but do panther or would that erase the ghost points
  • Stay undetected and chain as many kills as possible to get those multipliers. Also, you only need 7 missions mastered to get it, and you can master the same mission in the 3 different ways, so basically, you could get the 3 masteries with only 7 missions. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • @#9 It won't save if you reload a checkpoint or anything. Although you can redo the entire mission and do it a different way and it'll count
  • anyone know can get this Achievement By getting master in Side Missions?
  • You can 4E missions count too
  • you can Master lvls on rookie and still get the cheevo
  • Yes you can master it on rookie and on ALL single player/Co-Op missions

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