Tactical Style: Assault Achievement

  • Tactical Style: Assault



    Mastered Assault playstyle

    In order to unlock the three mastery playstyle achievements, you will need to obtain a certain amount of points in that playstyle in 7 different campaign or COOP missions. The amount of points differs for each level, so you should try to focus on one playstyle at a time instead of mixing them together. Every action you perform will net you a certain number of points depending on how you managed a kill or general situation. You can reload a mission and play it as many times as you want if you want to work on another playstyle. As a general reminder, follow these tips:

    • Ghost - Pure Stealth
      • A Ghost completes objectives unseen, with minimal engagement with hostiles and no evidence left behind. You earn Ghost points by remaining undetected during a mission and by avoiding killing hostiles. Use only nonlethal techniques when confrontation is unavoidable.
    • Panther - Silent & Deadly
      • A Panther stalks his prey unseen, and strikes only when the kill is assured. You earn Panther points by killing hostiles while remaining undetected. Use silenced weapons and lethal hand-to-hand strikes to pick off hostiles from the shadows.
    • Assault - Open Combat
      • An Assault specialist does not fear open combat, facing hostiles head-on without the protection of stealth. You earn Assault points by neutralizing hostiles in combat. Use unsilenced weapons and explosive grenades to gain supremacy on the battlefield.

    You can check the mastery progress bar for each playstyle by pausing the game. Alternatively, if you are replaying a mission through the Paladin's SMI, you can check the required amount of points for each playstyle by scrolling through the mission details with the button.

  • fuck assault
  • this game sucks if you play this way
  • For this you have to play one type perfectly on 7 missions so that you 'master' each level which just means at the end of the level it brings up a little bars that fill up for each style; you have to max it out in the same area (stealth, panther, or tactical) for 7 missions. Not too hard to look up, if you've mastered a level on a style, when you're looking back through all the missions you've played when you highlight that specific mission you can see if you mastered it in any or all of the 3 ways by hitting the LB/RB button til you get to where it says it. Easiest to do on Rookie since each added difficulty requires more points.
  • Does anyone know any good missions for getting this achievement?
  • The 4E missions are the easiest to get this on.
  • Not my favorite playstyle either, but it's a nice change of pace. You only need 7 missions mastered to get it, and you can master the same mission in the 3 different ways, so basically, you could get the 3 masteries with only 7 missions. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 Can anyone tell me exactly which missions this works best on, I'm really just not a fan of the Assault play style and would like to get this Achievement as quickly as I possible can, thank you for any/all advice and hints.
  • I wouldn't say any are particularly easier than others to get it on. If your just looking to get them out of the way then drop the difficulty. And make sure your starting with a loud weapon else you have to jump through hoops in order to not lose points to Panther. I've not done it yet, but it looks like Charlie's missions would be easy enough for any of the masteries since you can just keep going through the waves until you hit the score, I wouldn't be surprised if you could do two masteries at once there if you went to level 20 (not tried it though). I like the challenge of the Kobin missions thought since there are usually a few heavy's in there – but again there's plenty of score available since the moment you go loud you'll get a bunch more enemies come in as backup
  • When going for this remember that your gadgets are your best friend, heavies still die when hit with incendiary grenades, frags take off their helmets some times and if your playing on rookie you get like 5 of them or something! Kobin's missions are ideal, quick only 2 parts to them and around 20 enemies. Charlie's missions are good but you wont get it by wave 5 which means you have to wait til wave 10 to cash in, Briggs isn't the best idea but is doable and early main story missions are your way to go!
  • When going for Assault Mastery, I recommend doing Charlies Missions. Plenty of enemies, use a non-silenced assault rifle. I used the 416, and got to wave 10 in 20 minutes. It was fun trying something different from the stealth aspect of the game.
  • Yeah charlie missions would be easy for this. Got at least 4 combat maxed by doing them
  • I recommend doing Ghost when you are going for the perfectionist difficulty achievement, Panther for the Realistic achievement, and then Assault when you play Rookie while you get the collectibles. That's the best thing I can come up with.
  • I recommend Charlie's missions. In the first one i was able to master all 3. I went to level 20. It can be a pain, some would say do it as a co-op so you don't get screwed with the damn drones. I personally love to snipe and lay ridiculous amounts of proximity shockers. they give you ungodly amounts of knockouts without even doing anything. The sniping works for panther and assault. Sleeping gas is good for knocking out multiple enemies for ghost as well.
  • @13 So far off. For collectables you need to do stealth or panther. If you get detected they will destroy the laptop. Do assault style for the 4E missions on rookie. For perfectionist, mix stealth and panther, as some parts you need to sneak past guys and some parts it's 100% easier just to kill them. Perfectionist is a breeze. Best the game in a third of the time on perfectionist compared to my first play through on normal.
  • Beat*
  • it should also be noted that if you kill multiple people with a couple seconds of each other, you receive efficiency points as well. Ex: Sneaking up and grabbing any helmet guy, then walking him over to another guy. You shoot the other guy with a non-silenced pistol, then break the hostages neck. That will equal 125 as opposed to only 100 if you kill two people separately. Do that a couple times and life will be much easier. Grow some balls and try to loudly kill 3-5 guys within a couple seconds. The more you kill, the more efficient points you will get. This strategy is the exact same as panther, just use silenced weapons instead.

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